New York Mets Betting Lines

The Mets are one of the newest baseball teams in New York, having been granted a franchise after the Giants and the Dodgers moved to the west coast. Since joining the MLB, they’ve toiled in the National League east division, struggling to have the same success enjoyed by other New York baseball franchises. Lately, an infusion of young talent along with the successful signings of big free agents threaten to catapult New York Mets betting lines into odds that consistently favour the Mets.

New York Mets Betting Lines Today

When you want to check out the New York Mets line for the next game, visit this page for an update on the moneylines offered by online wagering providers. We also list the numbers for your opponents so you can make the best wager possible.

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New York Mets Schedule And Games Result

This fantastic widget is an interactive listing of the regular season schedule for the Mets, updated with the latest scores and moneylines that were offered. This way, you can check out the last time the Mets won despite being listed as underdogs.

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New York Mets Standings Conference

Whenever you want to peek in on the standings, you can check out this widget that keeps track of all the divisions in the National League and the American League, which is especially handy when you’re betting on interleague play for the Mets.

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How To bet On The New York Mets

Despite the existence of the Cubs and other teams that have suffered through losing over a century, Mets fans tend to feel among the most cursed in the league, although they have tasted a bit of World Series success during their incredible 1986 winning postseason run. Lately, their level of talent, especially in terms of starting pitching, has spiked considerable, which lead to a recent National League pennant win and their first appearance in the Fall Classic since the year 2000.

Since the vast majority of plays in baseball begin with the pitcher hurling the ball to a batter, the most influential factor when considering baseball odds always has to do with the pitcher expected to start the game. Aces such as Jake Arrieta, Max Scherzer and Madison Bumgarner can completely shut down any ballclub, making it nearly impossible to win an individual ballgame.

If the Mets have their ace on the mound, you’ll probably see a negative moneyline for the team while their opponent will likely be assigned a positive moneyline, which means that the opponent is the underdog. When the Mets are listed at -225 and the Nationals have a line of +175, you’ll win $175 for betting $100 on the Nationals and $100 for betting $225 on the favourites in this case.

These types of odds are also published for postseason games and series, as well as over/under and spread wagering. The fact that you have to bet more to win less when betting on favourites makes upsets more devastating, considering that betting on underdogs is much more profitable, should you predict the upset.