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As the oldest continually playing franchise in any pro American sport, the Atlanta Braves started out in Boston as the “Red Stockings” in 1871, moving to Milwaukee for a decade in 1953, eventually landing in Atlanta in 1966. Even though they’re one of the most successful regular season teams over the past few decades, the Braves have won only once in Atlanta, which is reflected in the odds sportsbooks give you for Atlanta Braves betting lines.

Atlanta Braves Betting Lines Today

Upcoming matchups for the Atlanta Braves next game will be posted here, letting you know the odds for both the Braves and their opponents. After the game starts, we keep you updated on the score as well.

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Atlanta Braves Schedule And Games Result

Keep track of the regular season results for the Atlanta Braves though this widget, which also lists the moneylines that sportsbooks give bettors before the match started. Comparing the lines with the results allows you to scout potential upsets in the future.

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Atlanta Braves Standings Conference

National League and American League standings are a great way of keeping track of how well a team is performing throughout the season. You’ll find that teams striving for the playoffs are more likely compete at a high level compared to non-postseason clubs.

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How To Bet On The Atlanta Braves

Since the 1990s, the Atlanta Braves have been on an incredible run of making the post season 17 times, including 15 division titles. However, during this time, they’ve made the Fall Classic only five times, avoiding the World Series altogether since the turn of the century. Due to this trend, the Braves tend to be favourites for games in the regular season, only to see their odds dip somewhat in the post season.

For the most part, sportsbooks will give you moneylines to bet on before the game, with the negative lines denoting a favourite and the positive lines revealing the underdog for the matchup. If the lines feature a -125 Atlanta Braves team facing off against a +225 Miami Marlins squad, you’ll need to bet $125 to win $100 on the Braves. However, if you think the Marlins will pull of the upset for this ballgame, you’ll win $225 for betting $100 on the underdogs. Balancing the risk and the reward for this type of wagering is key, as there’s nothing worse than wagering on a losing favourite that would’ve given you a small payout anyway.

In addition to single games, sportsbooks may allow you to wager on postseason matches, as well as regular season and playoff series as a whole. You can also expect some books to offer over/under betting and prop betting for adventurous fans of the MLB. Although starting pitcher tends to be the factor that sportsbooks consider the most when creating moneylines, you should always keep track of news, trends and developments that may give you a bit of extra insight before putting your money down on any team.