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The Cincinnati Reds are one of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball, starting out in 1882 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. As of late, the team has joined the usual National League Central powerhouse St. Louis Cardinals as one of the teams to beat. Historically, the Reds field terrific World Series winning teams about once every three decades or so. Lately, Cincinnati Reds betting lines have been trending towards them as favourites more often than not… Will they carry on this new label?

Cincinnati Reds Betting Lines Today

The next Cincinnati Reds ballgame will be listed in this part of the site, along with the odds that sportsbooks are giving for both teams. Once the numbers are locked in, we update the score and publish the final result so you can confirm the status of your wager.

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Cincinnati Reds Schedule And Games Result

When preparing to select the team that you’re betting on for a Reds ballgame, it’s a good idea to sneak a peak at past results and the odds that sportsbooks gave before the game. Spotting upset opportunities can lead to greater wagering profits.

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Cincinnati Reds Standings Conference

Monitor the progress of the Cincinnati Reds and compare their place in the standings with the rest of the National League. You can also check the American League standings when you want to, giving you info when betting on interleague ballgames.

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How To Bet On The Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds have joined the elite in the National League over the past while, challenging for the pennant against popular favourites like the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. One trick to maximizing the winnings of your wagering activity is to seek teams that are on the cusp of joining the top ranks. This way, the odds you get may be better than expected as sportsbooks and MLB fans alike adjust to a new powerhouse ballclub.

Part of the reason this leads to greater profit is because of the way moneylines reward players who successfully bet on underdogs. For example, when the Reds are listed as a +275 underdog against a strong team, you’ll win $275 for risking $100 on the win. On the other end of the spectrum, when the Reds are listed as -275 favourites, you need to bet $275 in order to win $100 on a successful wager. These types of lines are used for singles games, playoff series, prop bets and other types of oppositional betting.

Since players want to risk as little as possible to win as much as possible, betting systems for baseball wagering have been developed to take advantage of statistical trends. For example, the “good luck pitcher” betting system states that players should bet against a starting pitcher who has given up five or more runs in their last game while still securing a winning decision. In this scenario, it’s prescribed to bet against the pitcher because their “luck” is likely to change the next few games in which he starts.