Pittsburgh Pirates Betting Lines

With their first game taking place in 1882, the Pittsburgh Pirates are so old that they started their history in Allegheny, a city that had yet to be become part of Pittsburgh. After a long postseason drought, the team has been reborn as a perennial contender, challenging traditional National League heavyweights like the St. Louis Cardinals. Pittsburgh Pirates betting lines reflect the fact that they’ve been consistent wildcards in the face of tough competition. Check betting odds table right now!

Pittsburgh Pirates Betting Lines Today

The moneylines for both the Pirates and the next team they play against are provided by reputable sportsbooks. Once the game begins, we keep you updated on the score and the final results.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Schedule And Games Result

As the longest regular season grind in North American professional sports, the Pittsburgh Pirates play 162 games in an attempt to qualify for the playoffs. Track their progress and their upcoming schedule, comparing past results with the moneylines given before the game.

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Pittsburgh Pirates Standings Conference

The competitive National League Central division standings give MLB wagering fans a chance to bet on tightly contested ball games. Compare the central standings with other National League and American League divisions with this widget.

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How To Bet On The Pittsburgh Pirates

Betting on the MLB is a difficult endeavor due to the unpredictability of the Big Show. Occasionally teams such as the Pirates suddenly rise from relative obscurity to excellence, throwing the balance of power off in the division, which is usually ruled by the Cardinals. Keeping track of pitching staffs, including starters and relief pitchers, give you a good idea of how well a team’s playing.

Despite the fact that pitching is the greatest predictor of success in the Majors, it’s still worthwhile to look at other factors such as clutch hitters and rivalries between cities, which can cause a mediocre club to compete at a higher level to preserve their civic pride. One example of a long lasting MLB rivalry are the Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies, who often play their best baseball against each other, leading to the occasional unexpected result.

Predicting these upsets is one of the most valuable skills that you can possess for wagering on the MLB. Moneylines are set up to offer a much bigger reward for those who predict upsets versus fans who bet on favourites. When the Pirates have a -235 moneyline, you’ll need to bet $235 to win $100 because they’re the favourites. If listed as a +235 moneyline, you’ll need to bet only $100 to win $235 on the Pirates as underdogs.

These types of lines are used for regular season and postseason games and series, as well as spread bets and over/unders like the number of strikeouts that both teams hurl in a game. When betting on the team you think will win the World Series, you might use ratio-style odds like 13-1 because no one bets on the opposite result.