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The inaugural season of the St. Louis Cardinals began in 1882, when they were called the St. Louis Brown Stockings. As an original National League MLB franchise, the Redbirds have won the most World Series titles out of any team in the National League, second in the Big Show only to the New York Yankees. St. Louis Cardinals betting lines have shown them as favourites over the past decade or so, as they’ve missed the postseason a handful of times since the year 2000. Use our tools to find the best betting options on St. Louis games.

St Louis Cardinals Betting Lines Today

When you’re looking for information on the next St. Louis matchup, check out this part of the page. Moneylines we list are derived from sportsbooks that are the most trusted in the industry.

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St Louis Cardinals Schedule And Games Result

The entire regular season schedule for the St. Louis Cardinals is listed in this area. Throughout all 162 games, results will be updated, giving you access to all past scores and the moneylines given before the ballgame.

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St Louis Cardinals Standings Conference

As one of six divisions in the MLB, the Central division features talent that the rest of the National League and American League strive to match and exceed. The progress of the Cardinals in the standings will give you a good idea how well they’ve been playing before you lay your bet.

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How To Bet On The St Louis Cardinals

Sportsbooks tend to have a standardized set of rules when it comes to wagering on the MLB, involving different types of possible wagers and the odds that are provided for them. When betting on whether or not the Cardinals will win the World Series, you’ll be offered odds like 8-1.

However, when betting on an individual game or the results of a regular season or postseason series, you’ll be using moneylines. Since most betting involves single game wagers, you’ll be using moneylines the most often. When the St. Louis Cardinals are listed as a -300 favourite, you’ll need to bet $300 to win $100 on your wager.

When they’re listed as a +300 underdog, which will probably be rare given the quality of the team, you’ll need to bet only $100 to win $300. As you can see, the reward for you wager is much greater when the Cards are considered underdogs. Other types of bets, such as spread betting and over/unders, will likely use these types of odds as well.

Those who have a lot of experience wagering on the MLB often focus on pitching matchups first before considering the battling lineup. If the Cardinals start their ace, they’ll have much better odds to win than if they start the fifth man in their rotation. However, even excellent starters have trouble with certain hitters who seem to be able to pick up on pitching rhythms, making it worthwhile to keep track of how well certain players hit against a team’s pitching staff.