The Toronto Blue Jays were the second Canadian team to be granted an expansion franchise after the Montreal Expos. Unlike the Expos, the Jays are still in the MLB, having won two World Series in the two years before the 1994 strike that robbed the Expos of their shot at the Fall Classic. Despite the struggles that the Jays have experienced since their back-to-back titles, fans across Canada still enjoy wagering on Toronto Blue Jays betting lines.

Toronto Blue Jays Betting Lines Today

These are the Toronto Blue Jays betting line for today’s matchup. We list the moneylines for both teams so you can get a better idea of the odds that both teams face before you put your wager down on either the favourite or the underdog.

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Throughout the MLB regular season, the Blue Jays grind it out over half a year in order to make it into the postseason. This schedule is updated on a daily basis, giving you a chance to compare results earlier on in the season before wagering on the next game.

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Toronto Blue Jays Standings Conference

The standings for both the American League and the National League are published in this section, allowing you to check the status of both the Blue Jays and their opponents. Make sure you consider other factors, such as starting pitchers, before going ahead and placing your bet.

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How To Bet On The Toronto Blue Jays

Similar to the NHL and the NBA, when you’re betting on the Toronto Blue Jays, you’ll most likely be placing a wager on an individual matchup through moneyline wagering. If you’re not too experienced with moneylines, remember that the negative numbers represent favourites while the positive numbers signify an underdog. 

When the Jays are listed as -175 favourites over the Baltimore Orioles with a moneyline of +225, you’ll have to wager more on the Jays to win less money. In this scenario, you’ll win $225 for betting $100 on the Orioles while you’ll win $100 for betting $175 on the Blue Jays. This type of wagering is also used for post season series and prop bets like over/unders. Essentially, the more risk you accept, the greater the potential reward. 

Major League Baseball is a pitcher’s league, with the success of franchises depending mostly on the quality of their staff, from starters all the way down to closers. For the most part, smart fans of the MLB will consider starting pitchers as well as other trends revolving around hurlers, such as a streak of blown saves by a closer.

There are betting systems that have been devised by baseball stats experts, such as the late scorers betting system, which outline specific situations where bettors tend to get slightly better odds than normal, leading to profit over the course of a 162 game season. For this system, teams that win by scoring more against the bullpen than the starting pitcher are more likely to win their next game, despite odds that suggest otherwise. However, since sports are unpredictable by nature, any system should be approached as an extra knowledge instead of a guarantee of winning.