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The Texas Rangers have been in the MLB since 1961, beginning as the Washington Senators before moving to Arlington in 1972. After a long struggle, the team finally won its first two pennants in 2010, but failed to win their first World Series ring in either of their Fall Classic appearances. When betting on Texas Rangers betting lines, especially for post season play, you should consider the fact that, similar to the Cubs, the Rangers have to overcome a long history of struggle.

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Check out this section the next time that you want to bet on the Texas Rangers. In addition to listing the opponent, we’ll include the moneylines for both teams, giving you a chance to make an informed wager.

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Texas Rangers Schedule And Games Result

While competing in the American League west division, the Texas Rangers contend with rivals such as the Houston Astros, who are new to the division. You can compare the odds and the results of the previous games the Rangers have competed in.

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Texas Rangers Standings Conference

The standings for the American League west division have become a lot more competitive since the MLB aligned the divisions to have an equal number of teams. You can also check out the National League standings for betting on interleague play.

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How To Bet On The Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers have enjoyed a renaissance since 2010, making the post season four times between 2010 and 2015, once as wild cards during the 2012 season. As a result, the odds that you expect to get for the Rangers are more likely to trend towards being favourites, despite the fact that the team hasn’t managed to win a championship since new ownership took over in 2010.

Sportsbooks offer a wide range of different bets that you can make on the Texas Rangers and the rest of the MLB. The most popular tends to be wagering on the result of individual ballgames, the odds for which fluctuate more frequently compared to other major North American sports leagues. The reason for this is because of the importance of pitching in baseball.

Unlike hockey, football and basketball, which feature relatively steady rosters from game-to-game, the most important member of the team – the starting pitcher – changes on a daily basis. This results in a betting environment that has a greater amount of unpredictability, leading to opportunities to scout upsets and trends that potentially lead to favourable betting conditions.

Some fans of wagering on the MLB use a set of rules like the baseball division underdog method betting system to help make their decisions. This betting system is based on slight differential of winning percentage and the odds given in specific situations. For this system, bettors look for underdogs playing against division rivals. According to the math, sportsbooks tend to give better odds than the winning percentage of MLB teams in this situation, leading to the potential for greater profit while betting on underdogs.