Seattle Mariners Betting Lines

The Seattle Mariners joined the MLB in 1977, but managed to avoid a postseason series win until 1995, when they defeated the Yankees in the division series matchup. They’ve never made it further, avoiding a pennant win during their record setting 116-win campaign in 2001. Nonetheless, the Mariners have a very strong following, partially because of their link to Japan through Ichiro and Nintendo, making Seattle Mariners betting lines popular all season long.

Seattle Mariners Betting Lines Today

This part of the page lists the next time the Seattle Mariners play, along with the moneyline for both teams involved. Check to make sure that the lines you get through your sportsbook are similar to the odds we source from sportsbooks.

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Seattle Mariners Schedule And Games Result

As the Mariners trod through the lengthy regular season that all MLB teams deal with, we give you the moneylines that were posted for each game. This allows you to compare sportsbook odds with results, giving you additional context before your next bet.

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Seattle Mariners Standings Conference

American League and National League standings change throughout the season, making it worthwhile to keep track of a team’s position when you’re betting on the MLB. Some teams have more motivation to win than others, depending on whether or not they’re still in the hunt for the post season.

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Betting On The Seattle Mariners

The most popular type of MLB betting involves attempting to predict the team that will win an individual match. Throughout the season, sportsbooks publish moneyline odds that will let you know whether or not the Mariners are expected to win. If they are the underdogs, Seattle with have a plus beside their line. Whenever they’re the favourites, they’ll have a minus sign beside their line.

Moneylines also let you know how much you’ll win for betting on a particular team. For a game involving the Mariners at -200 and the Rangers at +300, you’ll win $300 by putting $100 down on the Rangers. On the flip side, you’ll need to bet $200 to win $100 on the Mariners, because of the fact that the risk of losing your bet is lower when wagering on favourites. As a result, those who are good at predicting when upsets will take place profit more than those who strictly bet on favourites.

In order to determine the worthiness of betting on a ballclub, some players use betting systems to guide their wagers. For example, the departing dogs betting system instructs players to always wager on an underdog that won the second last game of a series by giving up six hits or less. According to statistical analysis, sportsbooks tend to favour the favourites a bit too much in this scenario, leading to greater payout for betting on the underdog.

Of course, you should never follow any betting system blindly, as they can be thrown out of whack because of injuries or other variables that change the likely outcome of the game. Always check the latest news and confirm your odds before making a bet.