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Established in 1961 in L.A., the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have played their home games in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim since 1966, winning their only World Series title in 2002. After enduring middling results for decades, the Los Angeles Angels betting lines have recently had them as favourites more often than not over the past decade or so because they’ve won six division titles since 2004, also earning a wild card birth in 2002.

Los Angeles Angels Betting Lines Today

The Los Angeles Angels next matchup will be posted here throughout the season, as well as the result of the game. Compare the moneylines for the Angels with their opponents to make the best possible wagering decision.

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Los Angeles Angels Schedule And Games Result

This listing of the entire MLB regular season schedule for the Los Angeles Angels will be updated as each game completes, giving you access to the results, and the moneylines that were published before the game began.

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Los Angeles Angels Standings Conference

The standings of the American League west have been dominated by the Angels for a while. Check the progress of any team that they play against as the regular season plays out over six months of high level baseball.

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Betting On The Los Angeles Angels

The Los Angeles Angels have been fortunate to scout some of the finest talent in the game, including Mike Trout, who quickly became known as the best in the game because of his ability to mix power with athleticism, making him not only one of the best batters in the MLB, but also one of the best fielders and baserunners as well. Although pitching is always the most important aspect of a team, squads like the Angels, who have game-changing talent, are more likely to overcome weak pitching to win the ballgame.

Sportsbooks keep this in mind when determining the moneylines before the game. If you notice that the Angels are listed at -300 when playing against the Texas Rangers who have a line of +225, you can be sure that the Rangers are less likely to beat the Angels for that particular game. You’ll have to bet more on the Angels than on the Rangers to make a profit. Wagering $300 on the Angels will net you $100 for the win, while you can make $225 for betting $100 on the underdog for the win.

Moneylines are used for most oppositional wagering that pits one team against another, or one outcome against another. When you place a wager on a prop bet, like the over/under for runs on the game, or the winner of a postseason series, the sportsbook that you place your wager with will more than likely be using moneylines for the odds.

In addition to starting pitchers, keeping track of winning streaks and other trends will help you make the best possible decision before you place your bet. Being informed about the risk you’re about to take will increase the amount of profit you earn when wagering.