Boston Red Sox Betting Lines

The Boston Red Sox broke the “curse of the bambino” in 2004, breaking an 86 year drought without a World Series ring. Since then, the Red Sox have been perennial contenders out of one of the most difficult divisions in the MLB – the American League East. Although they’ve been challenged by the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox betting lines still reflect their position as a consistent contender.

Boston Red Sox Betting Lines Today

The next Boston Red Sox betting line includes updated moneylines for them and their opponents. Although these numbers are derived from sportsbooks, you should always check for updates that might alter the odds.

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Boston Red Sox Schedule And Games Result

As the Boston Red Sox attempt to win the division during the regular season, we update the results after the end of each game. You can also find the upcoming schedule here, which you can compare with past results.

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Boston Red Sox Standings Conference

The location of a team in division or league standings can affect how motivated a squad might be when they face the Boston Red Sox. We also include the National League standings for interleague wagering.

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How To Bet On The Boston Red Sox

As the regular season marches on, the importance of pitching becomes greater as contenders tighten their rotation and get into a rhythm. Teams without quality starters and a consistent bullpen often can’t compete against teams with a solid pitching staff. When sizing up the team that the Red Sox are about to play, it’s always a good idea to check out how well both pitching staffs are performing, especially the starters.

Despite the fact that the Red Sox have been undergoing a change of the guard, they’ve managed to outperform expectations, with their last World Series win in 2013 coming as a bit of a surprise after the team was written off at the beginning of the season. In these sort of scenarios, betting on a dark horse to win the World Series before the regular season starts can result in a handsome payday.

However, most of the wagering that fans of the MLB enjoy involves betting on single ballgames. Typically, the odds are published through moneylines that let players know which team is favoured to win and how much of a payout they’ll receive for betting on either team. For example, if Boston is listed as -275 against the Tampa Bay Rays listed at +225, you’ll know immediately that the Sox are more likely to win the matchup.

If you bet on the Rays, you’ll need to wager $100 to win $225, but if you bet on the Sox, you’ll have to net $275 to win $100, reflecting the reduced risk of betting on Boston. In addition to lineup changes and the overall betting pool before the game, sportsbooks take previous odds and results into account.