Tampa Bay Rays Betting Lines

As one of newest expansion teams in Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays managed to get their feet under them after about a decade, representing the American League in the World Series for the first time in 2008, when they switched their name from the Devil Rays to the Rays. Tampa Bay Rays betting lines reflect their desire to return to the Fall Classic as they reload their squad to make it out of the competitive AL east division.

Tampa Bay Rays Betting Lines Today

This section lists the next opportunity to bet on the Tampa Bay Rays. In addition to showing you the next team that they’re up against, we list the moneylines for both squads so you have a chance to determine the team that gives you the better betting value.

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Tampa Bay Rays Schedule And Games Result

Throughout the busy MLB regular season, we update the latest results for each game, giving you a chance to weigh past results along with the odds that were provided at the time. You can also browse through upcoming games for the Rays’ schedule.

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Tampa Bay Rays Standings Conference

The American League standings, including divisional rivals, give you an idea of how each team has been faring throughout the year. We also give you the National League standings when you need to compare an NL team for betting on interleague play.

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How To Bet On The Tampa Bay Rays

Most reputable sportsbooks use moneylines to let wagering fans know the odds that they face and the money that they’ll win for selecting the correct team. If you’re betting on the Tampa Bay Rays as a -275 favourite over the Boston Red Sox listed as +300 underdogs, you’ll win $300 for betting $100 on the Red Sox. However, since the Rays are more likely to win, you’ll need to wager $275 to win $100 for your bet on Tampa.

This type of line changes from game to game, depending mostly on the starting pitching and the betting pools for each squad. Since the action that takes place on the diamond always begins with the pitcher tossing the hardball, teams live and die along with the quality of their pitching staff. In order to make the most informed wager possible, make sure you have a good idea how well the pitchers of the Tampa Bay Rays are performing.

Some fans of the MLB rely on statistics gathered by experts that show situational trends which have lead to profit in the past. For example, the worst pitchers betting system focuses on identifying the worst pitchers in baseball relative to their team and betting against them regardless of the team they play against. Essentially, baseball betting gurus have found that the odds offered by teams facing off against these types of bad pitchers tend to be better than they should according to historical winning percentages.

Although some betting systems do make sense and appear logical, the fact remains that every game is unique and unpredictable, so you should always confirm that your wager isn’t being messed up by a sudden injury or pitching change.