Baltimore Orioles Betting Lines

The Baltimore Orioles started out as the Milwaukee Brewers in 1901 before moving to St. Louis for five decades. Since landing in Baltimore, the Orioles have won three World Series titles, with their last win taking place in 1983. Baltimore Oriole betting lines tend to be the most competitive when they play against hated American League East rivals such as the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees.

Baltimore Orioles Betting Lines Today

The Baltimore Oriole betting lines for today are listed on this section of the page, including the opponent that they matchup against and the odds for both competitors. Always verify the line that you’re getting before placing your bet.

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Baltimore Orioles Schedule And Games Result

This schedule of the regular season will be updated as the months roll along, recording the scores for each of the matches, as well as the moneylines that were listed for each of the ballgames.

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Baltimore Orioles Standings Conference

The standings for the American League east and the rest of the divisions throughout Major League Baseball will let you know how each team has been performing, and whether or not they have the extra motivation of fighting for a birth in the postseason.

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How To Bet On The Baltimore Orioles

Betting on the Baltimore Orioles through sportsbooks usually involves wagering on a single game, although you’ll be able to find a site that let’s you wager on whether or not the team will end up winning the World Series. Fans of online wagering will already be familiar with the moneylines that sportsbooks use to provide their members with specific odds.

If the next ballgame that you want to bet on involves a line that features the Orioles at -225 and the Boston Red Sox listed at +150, you’ll know that the Red Sox are the underdogs and the Orioles are the favourites to win. To win $150 on Boston, you’ll only have to bet $100. However, since Baltimore is the favourite, you’ll need to risk more to win less. With a line of -225, you’ll need to bet $225 to win $100.

Some of the most hotly contested matchups in baseball are divisional rivalries which can develop and simmer over years. In fact, one of the betting systems that some aficionados use when wagering on the MLB is called the quick revenge betting system, which dictates that players place a wager on favourites who lose by three or more at home when playing the same team the next day. The idea is that the home team, as a favourite, will have a much greater chance to win than the odds suggest due to the extra motivated provided by a lopsided loss.

While the psychology behind this system makes sense, and the stats support the trend behind the theory, you should consider all factors when placing a wager on any team. Roster changes, starting pitchers and other real-world variables can easily break any theoretical wagering system.