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Along with the Indians and the Tigers, the Chicago White Sox are another central division team that joined the American League in 1901, one of four overall that remained in the same city in which they were established. As a result, the White Sox and the rest of the central are the only division where every team has at least two World Series titles. The Chicago White Sox betting lines take into account the fact that they play in a highly competitive division and haven’t competed at a high level for nearly a decade.

Chicago White Sox Betting Lines Today

The next opponents of the Chicago White Sox will be listed here, along with updates of the score. Sportsbook odds form the lines that we publish for both teams, letting you in on how the experts predict the match will proceed.

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Chicago White Sox Schedule And Games Result

Since the MLB features a long, 162 game regular season that stretches out over about half a year, fans of wagering on the Chicago White Sox have a chance to look back at past results to compare the odds along with the results of the ballgame.

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Chicago White Sox Standings Conference

American League Central division standings often feature a tight race to win the regular season title. Monitor the progress of the White Sox and their opponents to learn more about how well they’re playing.

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How To Bet On The Chicago White Sox

Perhaps the only team more controversial than the New York Yankees are the Chicago White Sox, who were involved in one of the most infamous scandals in pro sport history during the Black Sox scandal in which mobster Arnold Rothstein likely orchestrated the fix. Since 1919, the White Sox have won only a single World Series, although, to be fair, that’s one more than the Chicago Cubs during the same time span.

As a result, fans are typically a bit hesitant to bet on the White Sox. However, since the quality of the starting pitcher often dictates the odds and the outcome of a ballgame, smart fans pay more attention to the lineup, streaks and specific matchup quirks for individual games. The moneylines that sportsbooks publish before the game are based on these variables, as well as the betting pools that develop before the game.

A line that features the White Sox as a -225 favourite will require that you wager $225 to win $100 on your bet. The White Sox with a moneyline of +225 will be considered the underdog, in which case you need to bet only $100 to win $225. The bigger reward reflects the bigger risk of betting on a team that’s considered more likely to lose.

Sportsbooks often offer a variety of different betting options, with the most popular being single game wagers and betting on the outcome of a series. These options are usually available in both the regular season and the playoffs, with the intensity of the competition cranked up during September and October.