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The Detroit Tigers are one of the four original American League teams that are still in the city where the franchise started, playing their first game against the Milwaukee Brewers on April 25, 1901. The Tigers have tasted limited success since, with their last World Series title won in 1984, when the incomparable Jack Morris lead them to victory. Since then, Detroit Tigers betting lines have reflected them mostly as an underdog, although they did manage to make the Fall Classic as recently as 2012.

Detroit Tigers Betting Lines Today

Check out the latest moneyline for the Detroit Tigers next matchup, including the odds for their opponent. We source these numbers from well-established sportsbooks in the online industry, so you should get odds that roughly match these lines.

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The MLB regular season is a half-year grind that separates the wheat from the chaff. We keep track of the past moneylines so you can compare them with the actual results of the ballgame, giving you a chance to sniff favourable odds.

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Detroit Tigers Standings Conference

In order to see how the Tigers are doing lately, take a look at the American League Central division. We also update the divisions throughout the American League and National League, allowing you to check out the quality of the Tigers’ opponent.

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How To Bet On The Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers flirted with greatness after their Wild Card berth and run to the World Series in 2006, carrying that momentum to four consecutive central division titles between 2011 and 2014. They managed to survive a rough year by significantly retooling their lineup, readying them to rise once against to prominence in the American League. Matchups with division rivals such as the Kansas City Royals often lead to the most competitive baseball played by the Tigers, which smart bettors can turn into profitable wagers.

When you take a look at the moneylines and see the Tigers listed at -275, it means that they’re the favourite to win. You’ll get a payout of $100 for betting $275 on this scenario. However, if Detroit’s listed at +275, you can be sure that they’re the underdog. The benefit of this scenario is that you’ll win $275 for betting $100 on the upset. Assessing the risk and reward of wagering on moneylines is crucial when wagering on any sport.

For baseball, most of the action that’s bet on involves single games in which you choose the winner. Some sportsbooks have an expanded set of wagering opportunities, including betting on the outcome of an entire series or wagering on the over/under for how many runs will be scored during the game.

Typically, the starting pitcher for each team is the most important aspect to consider when betting on baseball, with the stronger pitcher increasing the odds of winning. In some cases, teams with formidable offenses can survive middling pitching, especially during a hot streak, reducing the emphasis on pitching somewhat.