MLB Standings

The grueling regular season of Major League Baseball extends over 162 games, which inevitably separates the contenders from the pretenders. Check out the latest MLB standings to learn how all thirty teams are performing this season.


The majority of wagering takes place using the moneyline system, which uses positive and negative numbers to let players know the odds of each team winning and the reward that bettors can expect for predicting the winning team. When you see the San Francisco Giants as a -275 favourite over the +325 Colorado Rockies, you can be sure that betting on Colorado will be a fairly big risk. As such, in order to win $325 with a wager on the Rockies, you only need to bet $100. Since the Giants are the favoured team, you’ll need to bet $275 to win $100.

Hardcore fans of betting on the MLB have used statistical analysis of past results along with the odds provided for these games to help discover specific situations which offer a slightly higher chance of winning. These betting systems are designed to implemented over an entire season, but can help inform your decision for individual games as well. For example, baseball betting systems that determine the worthiness of a team based on starting pitchers can help you determine if a starter is more likely to dominate for the win or make it more difficult for his team to win by getting rocked while on the mound.

Despite the fact that some systems have proven to be somewhat logical and effective, smart betting fans will keep themselves updated on the latest news in the MLB to avoid getting surprised by a last-minute substitute for a starting pitcher or a slugger. When wagering on baseball or anything other sport, you should remember that the outcome is impossible to predict with complete certainty, regardless of any insight that you possess.

In addition to betting on single games, you can also bet on who will win the World Series, make the playoffs or win a post-season series. Additionally, you might be able to bet on over/under wagers and individual props, such as whether or not the starting pitcher will get the decision. Access that you have to various types of wagers and prop bets depends on the sportsbook that you sign up with.