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Sportsbook betting lines are the heart of any solid sports wagering website. Long removed from the days when bettors had a choice of spread, money line and game total odds, today’s bookmakers offer a wide variety of options on every contest they post on their betting boards. Although the standard options will always be staple items during major events like the NFL Super Bowl, MLB World Series, NHL Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals, added odds featured on LIVE betting boards for daily competitions have really spiced up the landscape. [+]

On top of that, prices on wagering by periods and winning margin options, plus player and team props, add to the wagering excitement. Below we introduce or top online sportsbook and dig a little deep into sportsbook betting lines.

Sports Betting Lines Today

While doing proper research is very important, in order to select the winning side, where you bet also needs to be a priority. Prices and varieties of sports betting lines today vary from book to book.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Thursday 10 June
Ppd Hamilton Tigercats 20:30 Bombers
Friday 11 June
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Saturday 12 June
Ppd Lions 19:00 Calgary Stampeders
Ppd Riders 21:30 Edmonton Eskimos
Thursday 17 June
Ppd Bombers 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Friday 18 June
Ppd Lions 21:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 19 June
Ppd Hamilton Tigercats 17:00 Toronto Argonauts
Ppd Ottawa RedBlacks 20:00 Riders
Thursday 24 June
Ppd Toronto Argonauts 19:30 Hamilton Tigercats
Friday 25 June
Ppd Edmonton Eskimos 20:30 Bombers
Saturday 26 June
Ppd Riders 16:00 Calgary Stampeders
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Lions
Thursday 01 July
Ppd Calgary Stampeders 21:00 Riders
Friday 02 July
Ppd Toronto Argonauts 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Saturday 03 July
Ppd Lions 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Ppd Bombers 21:30 Edmonton Eskimos
Thursday 08 July
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 20:30 Bombers
Friday 09 July
Ppd Ottawa RedBlacks 19:30 Hamilton Tigercats
Saturday 10 July
Ppd Calgary Stampeders 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Ppd Riders 19:00 Lions
Thursday 15 July
Ppd Toronto Argonauts 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Friday 16 July
Ppd Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Ppd Calgary Stampeders 22:00 Lions
Saturday 17 July
Ppd Edmonton Eskimos 19:00 Riders
Thursday 22 July
Ppd Bombers 21:00 Calgary Stampeders
Friday 23 July
Ppd Riders 21:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 24 July
Ppd Ottawa RedBlacks 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Ppd Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Thursday 29 July
Ppd Edmonton Eskimos 19:30 Toronto Argonauts
Friday 30 July
Ppd Lions 20:30 Bombers
Saturday 31 July
Ppd Ottawa RedBlacks 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Ppd Calgary Stampeders 22:00 Riders
Thursday 05 August
Bombers 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Friday 06 August
Riders 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Lions 22:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 07 August
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Thursday 12 August
Toronto Argonauts 22:00 Lions
Friday 13 August
Ottawa RedBlacks 21:00 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 14 August
Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Riders
Thursday 19 August
Montreal Alouettes 21:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Friday 20 August
Bombers 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Calgary Stampeders 22:00 Lions
Saturday 21 August
Ottawa RedBlacks 19:00 Toronto Argonauts
Thursday 26 August
Lions 20:30 Bombers
Friday 27 August
Hamilton Tigercats 19:30 Montreal Alouettes
Saturday 28 August
Edmonton Eskimos 16:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Riders 19:00 Toronto Argonauts
Wednesday 01 September
Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Toronto Argonauts
Friday 03 September
Montreal Alouettes 19:30 Ottawa RedBlacks
Sunday 05 September
Bombers 18:00 Riders
Monday 06 September
Toronto Argonauts 13:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Edmonton Eskimos 16:30 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 11 September
Riders 16:00 Bombers
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Ottawa RedBlacks 22:00 Lions
Friday 17 September
Toronto Argonauts 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Bombers 21:30 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 18 September
Edmonton Eskimos 16:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Lions 19:00 Riders
Friday 24 September
Calgary Stampeders 19:00 Montreal Alouettes
Edmonton Eskimos 22:00 Lions
Saturday 25 September
Bombers 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Friday 01 October
Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Riders 22:00 Lions
Saturday 02 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 16:00 Bombers
Toronto Argonauts 19:00 Calgary Stampeders
Friday 08 October
Toronto Argonauts 21:00 Riders
Saturday 09 October
Hamilton Tigercats 19:00 Edmonton Eskimos
Monday 11 October
Ottawa RedBlacks 13:00 Montreal Alouettes
Friday 15 October
Edmonton Eskimos 21:00 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 16 October
Riders 16:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Bombers 19:00 Lions
Friday 22 October
Lions 19:00 Hamilton Tigercats
Toronto Argonauts 21:30 Edmonton Eskimos
Saturday 23 October
Calgary Stampeders 16:00 Bombers
Montreal Alouettes 19:00 Riders
Friday 29 October
Lions 19:00 Ottawa RedBlacks
Hamilton Tigercats 21:30 Calgary Stampeders
Saturday 30 October
Montreal Alouettes 16:00 Toronto Argonauts
Edmonton Eskimos 19:00 Bombers

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