Sports Betting in Alberta 2022

Dominated by hockey and football, Alberta is the fourth largest market in Canada. Home to two NHL teams and two CFL teams, Albertans are treated to excellent sports throughout the year. Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, was home to the 1988 Olympics, while the Edmonton Oilers are the most northern major sports team in North America. From Wayne Gretzky to Doug Flutie some of the biggest stars of Canadian sports once called Alberta home.

With the number of sports in Alberta, betting on sports is prominent in the province. The problem that Alberta faces is mediocre (to put things mildly) sports odds and services provided by the provincial regulating body. All the sportsbooks in the list below offer better odds, a more extensive selection and the ability to bet a single event. Check out the sportsbook reviews below, headlined by Sports Interaction, to find a superior service today.

Alberta offers a little more in terms of sports betting than many other provinces. For example, the Edmonton Oilers Arena – Rogers Place – has a casino attached to it. However, Albertans, like all Canadians are still limited by their provincial betting platform. 

Casinos, Lotteries And Gaming Commissions 

Alberta is home to many casinos, including the aforementioned Grand Villa Casino in Edmonton. The majority of the casinos are located in Calgary and Edmonton, but some can be found in smaller cities such as Cold Lake and Grand Prairie. The casinos offer a fun experience, but they severely lack in their sports betting. The casinos in Alberta do not offer their own sports betting service. They merely provide stands to place Sport Select Pro-Line tickets. 

Sport Select Pro Line Review

Alberta’s sports betting is run by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Like most provincial lottery governing bodies, they run a sports betting service. The Alberta sports betting service is called Sport Select Pro-Line, and in typical Canadian fashion, it offers mediocre odds, limited selection of events and a two or three-bet minimum.

That is not the only reason Sports Select Pro-Line is a poor choice for sports betting. The service does not allow for different types of wagers (spread, over/under, and props) to be placed on the same card. And Futures, do not even ask about Futures as they do not exist.

For those looking for simple point spreads, pools and props, then Sport Select is an okay option. Of course, no one wants to be limited in their choices and quality of service. For those looking for higher-quality wagering services with bonuses, futures and live betting, continue reading below. 

Better Alternatives For Albertans 

For those looking for a better betting option than Select Sport, Albertans can try out many of the top-rated online sportsbooks for Canadians. These sites, starting with the Canadian-centric Sports Interaction, offer odds, better options and better payouts than Sports Select.

All the of Alberta's favourite sports are available for wagering on these top-rated sportsbooks. From CFL futures to WHL game odds, Albertans need no longer limit themselves to two or three-bet slips on just today's NHL or CFL games. 

Online sportsbooks also offer live betting. For those at a Calgary Flames’ game or partying at half-time while watching the Edmonton Eskimos, live betting can make any event even more exciting. Our top-rated partner, Sports Interaction knows what Canadians like in their sports wagering and offer it to everyone across the province of Alberta with access to the internet or mobile data.