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Senators vs Penguins NHL Playoff Betting Odds

Senators vs Penguins NHL Playoff Betting Odds
The stakes don't get any higher or any simpler. Win and play in the Stanley Cup finals. Lose and go home and re-tool. Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators will plan to pick an epic Game 7 for a spot in the finals. Who will move on and who will go home?

Ottawa Senators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 7

NHL - Playoff
Thursday 25 May
Ottawa Senators
Pittsburgh Penguins

Sens @ Pens

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I really feel like there are two different mentalities going into this game. I read today that some in Ottawa are saying they’re just happy to have another chance to play together. Whereas Pittsburgh‘s trying to win a friggin Stanley Cup. Ottawa’s season has been a massive success so far. They can feel good about it. If they lose tonight, they can hold their heads high. Whereas if Pittsburgh loses tonight, the season is a failure. Anything less than the Cup is a failure. One of those things is more motivating than the other.

On paper, Ottawa doesn’t belong here. They know that. But they have acted like they belong. At times, they’ve acted like they own the place. But I think they’ve run out of that swagger. I don’t think they believe they are a better team than Pittsburgh. And in a single game elimination, belief is absolutely huge. So very very little of the outcome tonight will have anything to do with hockey. Belief, discipline, chemistry, and execution. That’s what will win any game seven, from the World Series, to an NBA finals, to the National Hockey League. 

After getting absolutely destroyed in Game Five, Ottawa kept their season alive in Game 6 in front of a “sorta” sellout crowd. However, unfortunately, they have absolutely no game seven wins in the history of the franchise. Whereas Pittsburgh won a Game 7, 2 weeks ago, after a couple of tough losses to the Washington Capitals. They also won in this exact same situation last year: Game 7 on home ice in the conference finals, only it was the Tampa Bay Lightning last year. So experience is a no-brainer.


Some say Ottawa is a team of destiny. I don’t bet on destiny. Some say this is been a miracle season. I definitely don’t bet on miracles. I bet on numbers. And numbers and common sense tell me to bet on the more experienced team playing at home. Most of the players on this team work part of the game seven and Stanley Cup win last year. Hell, a few of them were here in 2009 for the seven-game classic against the Red Wings. I’ve had Pittsburgh winning in seven games since the very start, and I don’t feel any different. Bet on Pittsburgh tonight.

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