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Best NBA Playoff Picks April 19, 2017

Best NBA Playoff Picks April 19, 2017
The NBA has 3 games on the sked for tonight. We have two of the most talked-about series in the Warriors vs Blazers, as well as the Thunder vs Rockets. We also have the series nobody cares about: The Hawks and Wizards. So who will win tonight?

Hawks at Wizards 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 15 May
Washington Wizards
Boston Celtics

Wizards @ Celtics


Odds are not currently available for this game.

Away Team Season Record: 43-39
Home Team Season Record: 49-33
Prediction: Wizards (-5.5) at Sports Interaction

Well, the Wizards took Game 1. Did you watch it? Yeah, neither did we. This is not exactly the sexiest of matchups out east, for two teams that don’t exactly show up on national coverage very often. In fact, you probably can’t name the starting 5 on either team.

Unless Charles Barkley is right and the Wizards somehow make it to the Eastern Conference Finals (sorry, Chuckster. No. Just, no) there is not really much point in following this series. John Wall is awesome and one of the most under-the-radar guys in the NBA because of his obscurity. He and Bradly Beal are the best duo you’ve never seen play.

In any case, I like them tonight and predict they will sweep the Hawks. As much as a non-factor as The Wizards are, the Hawks are bringing even less to the playoff table.   

TrailBlazers at Warriors 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 24 April
Golden State Warriors
Portland Trailblazers

Warriors @ Blazers


Odds are not currently available for this game.

Away Team Season Record: 41-41
Home Team Season Record: 67-15
Prediction: Warriors (-12.5) at Sports Interaction

Dame, we were feeling your swagger before the series. Now you have to win 4 of the next 5 for your “Blazers in 6″ prediction to pan out. I don’t see how this is possible. This Warriors team absolutely feasts on mistakes and punishes you for them, until you lose your composure.

This Blazer team was dead in the middle of the NBA for turnovers (13.7 per game), with very little big-game-experience. So mistakes will be made. To beat the Warriors they will need Spurs-level poise and control, without Spurs experience or coaching. And we wish them the best of luck there. 

However, complacency is the enemy in Oakland. If they get bored or cocky, a young and hungry team can get hot and beat them. The Warriors WILL panic or even lie down. We’ve seen it a few times this year. Portland won’t do it tonight, but I predict they will do it once in their home building. 

Thunder at Rockets 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Tuesday 25 April
Oklahoma City Thunder
Houston Rockets

Thunder @ Rockets


Odds are not currently available for this game.

Away Team Season Record: 47-35
Home Team Season Record: 55-27
Prediction: Houston (-8) at Sports Interaction

The series between the Oklahoma City Westbrooks versus the Houston Hardens rolls into Game 2. I don’t know the last time we saw the two leading MVP candidates duking it out in the first round like this, but holy crap this is fun. The Thunder, however, did not have much fun in the first game, as they lost by about 30 points. Westbrook was held (relatively) in check, while nobody else on the roster really brought anything to the table. Meanwhile, Harden hardened, while Patrick Beverley rose to the challenge and had a Westbrook-like line of 21-10-9, with 3 steals.

I don’t think we can expect that every night from Bev. Although you very much have to make Russ work on D to have any chance. But that assumes you can stop Russ from putting you on your heels first. Russ is a bulldozer with a brick on the gas pedal and a full tank.

He’s going to go and go and go and go until he just runs out of gas or falls off a cliff. He’ll run wild tonight, but the Rockets will go 2-0. 

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