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Best NBA Playoff Picks April 17, 2017

Best NBA Playoff Picks April 17, 2017
The NBA had a better opening weekend than the Fate of The Furious. There was a lot of quality basketball crammed into two days, and now we’re back to 2-3 games per night, to keep things digestible. Over the weekend, we saw the Spurs remind us all why they’re title favorites by pounding Memphis. Meanwhile, The Cavs reminded absolutely nobody why they’re defending champs, and almost lost to the Pacers. So how will these teams fair tonight?

Indiana Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 17 April
Indiana Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers

Pacers @ Cavaliers

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 42-40
Home Team Season Record: 51-31
Canada Sports Betting Pick: Cavaliers (-8.5) at Sports Interaction

There is a lot of both good and bad to look at in the Cavs’ first victory against the Pacers. On the one hand, they won. On the other hand, they barely won. Meanwhile, they scored 109 points. However, only 17 of these came in the 4th quarter. They did what they were supposed to do and won Game 1. Buttttt they probably should be down 0-1, as they lucked out with a broken play by The Pacers in the final seconds of the game sealing the deal.

There is definitely that same cloud of uncertainty hanging over the defending champions right now. It certainly feels like all this should be much easier. They should be able to score more against a poor defensive team in Indy, to start. But here’s the thing, a series sweep of close games is still a series sweep. This next game will come down to who makes better adjustments, as most playoff games do.

Nate McMillan actually has less playoff experience than Tyronn Lue, technically speaking. Lue won more games in the playoffs last year than Nate has since he started coaching in 2000. Indiana has more confidence now and should steal a game tonight. But they won.

Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 17 April
Memphis Grizzlies
San Antonio Spurs

Grizzlies @ Spurs

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 43-39
Home Team Season Record: 61-21
Canada Sports Betting Pick: Spurs (-11) at Sports Interaction

San Antonio is the home of WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. To put their Game 1 in wrestling terms, The Spurs power bombed the Grizzlies through the Spanish Announce Table. Memphis jumped out to an early lead after scoring 30 in the first quarter. But then the Spurs found their footing and held them to just over 30 in the second half.

Leonard showed why he’s the quiet man’s MVP with 35 points. And Tony Parker flipped off father time with 18 points of his own.  But it was a balanced attack. Only two Spurs didn’t hit the scoresheet, and one of them was Manu. Don’t worry. He will. 

Marc Gasol did his damage inside and out, with 32 points and shooting 3/3 from downtown. However, Zach Randolf was completely ineffective with 6 points in 26 minutes and a whopping +/- of -39. Ouch. The only other stats you really need to look at from there are the Spurs shooting over 50% from both the field and from 3 point land, whereas the Grizz shot in the 30s for both.

This Memphis team is a vet team that knows how to respond to an ass-kicking. But I feel like the best they can do is keep it to within double digits. The Spurs will take a 2-0 lead tonight and continue their march to the Western Conference Finals.

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