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Best NBA Playoff Picks April 16, 2017

Best NBA Playoff Picks April 16, 2017
It’s the first Sunday of the NBA’s second season! It’s time to chill some beer, then disappear into the garage all day, and tell your wife you’re fixing the brakes while streaming the NBA games on an iPad under the car… no? Just me? Ok fine. Let’s get into where the smart bets are.

OKC Thunder at Houston Rockets 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Tuesday 25 April
Oklahoma City Thunder
Houston Rockets

Thunder @ Rockets

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 47-35
Home Team Season Record: 55-27
Prediction: Thunder (-7) at Sports Interaction

Ding ding ding. Welcome to the main event. This is the series that every single basketball-loving fan will be watching. It’s not often you get to see The two current MVP candidates going after each other in the first round of the playoffs. Incredible. There’s a thing about this series, the Rockets won far more games, and are favored to win the series. I hate to say it, but I look at Oklahoma City and actually see more proven playoff experience on their roster in certain spots. And I think they will open the series with the win on the road in Houston.

Chicago Bulls at Boston Celtics 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Wednesday 26 April
Chicago Bulls
Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 53-29
Home Team Season Record: 41-41
Prediction: Bulls (-6.5) at Sports Interaction

This game is unfortunately marred by the sad news that Isaiah Thomas lost his sister yesterday. That almost makes the game secondary. But it will be played anyway. A few hours from game time, and there is no word on whether he will play today. Or how many games he could miss to be with his family. Boston cannot win without him. They may be able to rally for one game, play hard in tribute to him. Even against the most inconsistent team in the NBA in the Chicago Bulls, they need him. And his absence in the lineup could be just the edge Chicago needed.

Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 24 April
Washington Wizards
Atlanta Hawks

Wizards @ Hawks

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 43-39
Home Team Season Record: 49-33
Prediction: Wizards (+5.5) at Sports Interaction

To be blunt, this is the first series in the first round of the playoffs in the east or west that I can truly see being a sweep. Washington looks great and ready to put a real scare on the Eastern conference. I’m not sure they can make it all the way to the finals, but they’re ready to crush Atlanta. Atlanta is… Just like any other Dwight Howard team in the last eight years. Inconsistent, occasionally disgruntled, and completely unfit to be in a stressful playoff series. I think they’re going to lose tonight and the next three games. And then cue the Howard trade rumors this summer. He’ll really enjoy playing in Denver next year.

Portland Trailblazers at GS Warriors 2017 NBA Playoff Odds

NBA - Playoff
Monday 24 April
Golden State Warriors
Portland Trailblazers

Warriors @ Blazers

  Money Line  

Away Team Season Record: 41-41
Home Team Season Record: 67-15
Prediction: Warriors (14.5) at Sports Interaction

Damien Lillard. I really love this guy. I love his game and I love his attitude. I love his transparent nature that’s pissed off he’s not an all-star, and openly says he wants to be the MVP. This is the type of chip on the shoulder that pulls off incredible upsets. And he’s predicted that his Portland Trailblazers will beat the golden state warriors in six games. Dame, how do you get such big balls? It’s brilliant really. Nobody really expects that prediction to pan out. And it will be forgotten by next year if they lose. But if they win he’s the greatest braggart of our time. I’m not sure his team is in any shape to beat anybody else in the west. Much less the defending western conference champions and number one seed. Warriors in five. Starting tonight.

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