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Late starts and physical play help separate the Pacific Division from its counterparts. With most Pacific Division betting lines closing a couple of hours after the others, betting on the Pacific division is great for the night owls out there. Talented California franchises have dominated the division since the realignment in 2013, but some of the National Hockey Leagues most talented young players reside in Edmonton and Calgary, making Pacific Division games entertaining to watch and bet on.

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NHL Pacific Standings

If you are not awake when the final Pacific Division games wrap up, that’s alright; the standings and statistics will be freshly updated for you when you wake up in the morning. 


Canada, California and Coyotes are what come to mind when talking about the Pacific division. Three of seven Canadian teams call the Pacific division home and all three California teams duke it out in the Pacific. Stretching from the Arizona desert to the British Columbian coast, the Pacific division’s landscape is almost better than its great rivalries and hardnosed style of play. Add in some of the NHL’s craziest fans – particularly those cheering for the Vancouver Canucks – and the division can stack up against the other three any day of the week

It may seem inconceivable now, but over 20 years ago the Edmonton Oilers traded Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings. The trade rocked the entire National Hockey League and changed the fortunes of the franchises for years to come. With the realignment of the divisions in 2013, the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings get to play each other multiple times a season, helping extend a hockey rivalry created – not by contentious play, but by a momentous trade – decades ago. History like this helps make some of the Pacific Division’s rivalries extra special. 

Dominated by the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks, bettors can find some of the best hockey betting lines. Something to always consider when betting on Pacific division teams is the time different. If the Boston Bruins or Montreal Canadians are flying down to Los Angeles, that three hour different can have an actual impact. This doesn’t mean the Pacific Division dominates all Eastern teams, but looking at the opponent’s recent schedule and recent days off can help you place even better bets.