NHL Metropolitan Betting Lines

With big teams in some of the National Hockey League’s biggest markets, the aptly named Metropolitan division is full of get betting line action. Whether you are betting on the interstate rivalry between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers or trying to decide between the Rangers and Islanders who is king of New York, we have you covered with all the best Metropolitan Division betting lines, stats and standing below. 

NHL Metropolitan Betting Lines Today

Big city teams bring plenty of coverage and betting line action. Lucky for you we have up to date lines here, for every game in the Metropolitan Division.

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NHL Metropolitan Standings

When trying to decide what games and picks to bet on make sure to check the standings and statistics, always up to date and located right on this page. 


Being packed into a tight geographical region, the Metropolitan division is filled with some of the leagues craziest fans – we are looking at you Philadelphia – and close rivalries. Due to the close proximity of all the teams, fan often overlap and even live within the same city.

With the big lights of the big teams in the Metropolitan division come some of the National Hockey League’s biggest stars. Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins have over the last decade been arguably the two biggest stars in the league. The downside to playing in under the big city lights is teams are expected to compete every year for a Cup title. The added pressure of the New York media or the unforgiving nature of the Philadelphia Flyers fans can make even the most stoic players crack. But the players who have the gusto to win it all are enshrined in that city’s sporting history.  

When betting on the Metropolitan Division travel times are of minimal concern. Sometimes even home ice advantage is of little value, as fans of the New York Islanders, New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils can easily travel to each other’s home arenas and still make it home before the last train.  There is still plenty to look over before placing a betting. Knowing who is tending the goal, what players are injured, what teams are on hot streaks and how tight the playoff race is are key aspects to review before placing big money down on the game. A bettor well versed in these aspects is likely to be much more successful in the long run.