Buffalo Sabres Betting Lines

Buffalo Sabres fans have lived through a lot of heartbreak since the team came into the NHL in 1970 as one-off years of success are seemingly followed by multiple years of disappointment and rebuilding. The organization has played in three Stanley Cup Finals in their history, always failing to hoist the Cup, and the last was way back in the 1998-99 season. Yet, despite all the hardships that the Sabres franchise and their fans have been through, support and interest never completely waivers. [+]

That’s why finding Buffalo Sabres betting lines on a nightly basis during the NHL season is very easy as sportsbooks everywhere offer them all the time.

Buffalo Sabres Betting Lines Today

If you don’t want to search various sportsbooks for Sabres betting lines today, you can find them right here at this site. Below, the moneyline prices for Buffalo’s next game are listed.

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Buffalo Sabres Schedule And Games Result

During down years for the Sabres many opponents chalk up games with Buffalo as an easy win. However, bettors know predicting NHL winners isn’t that simple. Check out the team’s schedule and results here to see if the Sabres are undervalued in the betting markets for their next game.

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Buffalo Sabres Standings Conference

Sabres fans would argue that their team is near the bottom of the standings more often than not, but as a NHL bettor it’s up to you to keep tabs on that year around. You will see where the where exactly the Buffalo Sabres sit in the Eastern Conference standings here.

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Betting On The Buffalo Sabres

With more heartache than glory, the Buffalo Sabres have been known to be bankroll burners for bettors during their numerous basement-dwelling years. Yet, all those losing seasons bring very high draft picks the following year and eventually Buffalo’s management team will hit on a bunch of those selections and build a strong core for years to come.

Some would argue that exactly that happened prior to the 2015 season when they were lucky enough to get a one-in-a-generation talent in C Jack Eichel. Eichel is a big, rangy centreman who has drawn comparisons to the likes of Mario Lemieux no less. Obviously one player can’t carry an entire team to Stanley Cup success in this league, but Eichel should be the cornerstone of this franchise for the next decade or so.

As long as the Sabres scouting team and upper management can continue to find ways to put the right pieces around the likes of Eichel and other talented youngsters they bring in, there is no doubt that tremendous team success will follow. That remains to be seen over the next few seasons, but if that is the case, backing the Sabres with moneyline bets during this uptick in play while they are still undervalued could be a huge boost to your betting account.