NHL Eastern Conference Betting Lines

With five of the original six teams, a majority share of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cups and the three most valuable NHL franchises, the Eastern Conference is steeped in history and hockey culture. Featuring two more teams than the Western Conference, betting on the East is more frequent and there is an extra bit of parity between the top and bottom teams. Taking that into account, you can find some of the best lines from the NHL wagering board below, with links to our top rated sportsbooks. 

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NHL Eastern Conference Standings

Keeping updated statistics and standings are one of the most important tools at a bettor’s disposal. Below you can find update-to-date standings and stats, refreshed every day. 


The Eastern Conference is home to the three most successful National Hockey League franchises. With a combined 48 Stanley Cups, the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings each have a rich history of players and success and exemplify what the NHL is. Even though in recent years the Eastern Conference has played second fiddle to the West, it stills has some dominate franchises and is home to some of the league’s biggest stars.

Many of the East Conference teams have found success building their team around their best player. Washington is has consistently made the playoff after they successfully surrounded Alexander Ovechkin with a strong supporting cast. The Pittsburgh Penguins were able to make two Stanley Cups with Sidney Crosby once they found him some better scoring options. Consistency and chemistry are two parts of the NHL that the most successful teams have in spades. Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres look to end years of futility by following the models laid out by the Capitals, Penguins and – of course – the Detroit Red Wing.   

Betting on the East is exciting – due to having some of hockey’s best rivalries – and plentiful – as it has two more teams than the East. The two extra teams means a savvy bettor should be able to sniff out a good money line or over/under when wagering. Remember to check back daily for betting lines that reflect all the recent player and team transaction. Lastly, making sure you know who is starting in net can turn a seemingly smart bet into a foolish. When the New York Rangers are not starting Henrik Lundqvist, bettors should not just jump on that betting line because the Rangers are suddenly the underdogs.