New Orleans Pelicans Betting Lines

When the original Charlotte Hornets owner decided to move the business to New Orleans in 2002, he didn’t expect to eventually have his franchise renamed the Pelicans after Charlotte reclaimed the Hornets moniker in 2014. New Orleans has been fortunate to have landed some exceptional talent through the draft, but have been struggling through bad injury luck for a while. New Orleans Pelicans betting lines are likely to soon reflect a change in fortune for the franchise as a whole.

New Orleans Pelicans Betting Lines Today

Whenever the New Orleans Pelicans have an upcoming game, make sure you check here to see the lines offered to the Pels and their opponent. This widget also informs you of the results after the match completes.

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New Orleans Pelicans Schedule And Games Result

Past results from early in the NBA season sometimes informs the results of the upcoming game, giving you a hint on how you can expect the matchup to play out. In addition to giving you the home and road breakdown, we list moneylines so you can compare past odds and results.

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New Orleans Pelicans Standings Conference

The western conference standings are listed here, which gives you the breakdown of the playoff situation, including divisional rivals. If the Pelicans are playing an east coast team, you can check out their place on the standings before committing to a wager.

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Betting On The New Orleans Pelicans

When the New Orleans Pelicans play during the regular season and playoffs, each game receives a specific moneyline for both the Pels and their opponent. If the Pelican are assigned a moneyline that’s a positive number like +375, you can be sure that they’re considered the underdog. In this case, when you bet $100 on the Pelicans at +375, you’ll win $375 if they beat the odds. For situation that the Pels are the favourites, they’ll be listed as a negative number such as -375. If you choose to wager on the Pelicans in this situation, you’ll have to put up a bet of $375 to win $100, reducing the reward for your wager.

Depending on how your sportsbook operates, you might also be able to bet on the outcome of the playoff series, bet on an under/under, wager against a spread or engage in any number of prop bets. Typically, those who are experts and long time followers of the NBA will engage in more detailed types of betting, so if you’re fairly new, there’s no need to rush into complex wagering right away.

Due to the fact that the New Orleans Pelicans are a relatively new franchise on the NBA, they’re still striving to make an impression on the league. Look for the Pelicans to build around the centerpiece that they scored through the draft. Players who are able to time their wagering will be able to find great odds on the Pelicans when they begin to surprise the NBA and fulfill the promise of the brow.