Dallas Mavericks Betting Lines

The Dallas Mavericks were founded in 1980, but only started to come into their own in the NBA when Mark Cuban took ownership of the team and built a winner around Dirk Nowitzki. They ended up winning it all in 2011, after hovering around the top of the standings for a decade. Dallas Mavericks betting lines always offer an intriguing play for NBA fans due to the consistent quality of play this franchise has produced since the turn of the century.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Lines Today

The next set of moneylines for the Dallas Mavericks are published according to recent updates from sportsbook websites. Confirm the lines you see here through your sportsbook in case there are sudden, last-minute changes in the upcoming matchup.

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Dallas Mavericks Schedule And Games Result

This schedule happens to also include the moneylines and results for past games, which gives you an opportunity to scan for previous matches where sportsbooks were incorrect. Take special note of home and away standings, which heavily influence future results.

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Dallas Mavericks Standings Conference

The western conference boasts some of the toughest competition in the association, so make sure you have a good idea of where the Mavs and their opponents rank throughout the regular season.

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Betting On The Dallas Mavericks

Most of the action that sportsbooks take are on the results of single games. Although there are different ways of communicating the odds to wagering fans, moneylines tends to be the most popular. The way they work is pretty easy to get a handle on. When the Dallas Mavericks are the favourites, they will be listed as a negative moneyline like -200, and when they’re the underdog they’ll receive a positive moneyline such as +200. This represents the monetary risk and reward of the wager, with the -200 moneyline requiring an investment of $200 for a profit of $100 on a winning bet. A +200 moneyline would double your money instead, should the underdog win.

Some sportsbooks may also give you spreads to bet on. If the Mavs have a spread of +8.5, they’ll need to win by at least nine points to cover the spread. Over/under betting that involves the total amount of points scored in a single game by both teams works in a similar way. Betting on the outcome of a post-season series also frequently involves moneylines.

When wagering on the Mavs, it’s important to pay attention to factors that may potentially dictate the outcome of the game. On the tail end of an east coast road trip, Dallas may not play as well as expected, resulting in an east coast underdog taking a game or two against a Mavs team that would otherwise easily handle a mediocre club.

With the exception of the absolute elite NBA teams, betting on the Mavericks usually gives you a shot to win, regardless of if they’re the favourites or the underdogs. Few NBA teams have been as consistent and fun to bet on as Dallas.