Golden State Warriors Betting Lines

After a long painful drought that began in 1975, the Warriors managed to build a solid team through new management and develop them into a squad that’s on the verge of becoming an historic juggernaut. Now one of the most popular teams in the league, Golden State Warriors betting lines are played by people around the world rolling the dice on the next time that a team will upset the dubs.

Golden State Warriors Betting Lines Today

The next game that the Golden State Warriors are playing is listed here, including the opponent and the moneyline for both teams. Double check to see if there are any last minute changes before setting your wager in stone.

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Golden State Warriors Schedule And Games Result

Past games that the Warriors have played are listed here, along with the upcoming schedule for the rest of the season. We also offer home and road breakdowns for the dubs, helping you make the right wagering decision.

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Golden State Warriors Standings Conference

Glancing at the western conference standings may reveal the aims of the opponent of the Warriors, especially late in the season. No teams lose on purpose, but some teams are less motivated to win than others because of the draft.

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Betting On The Golden State Warriors

Most of the betting that takes place over respectable sportsbooks involves the prediction of one team earning victory over another. Often, moneylines are offered, requiring that players make a decision in terms of making the best investment of their wagering dollar. For example, is a team listed as a -400 favourite worth betting on when the opposition is listed as a +375 underdog?

If you think that the underdog has a chance to win, betting a small amount on an upset might be worth it. A $100 bet on a +375 line wins $375 while a $400 bet on a -400 favourite nets only $100 of profit. The larger stake and smaller profit makes betting on the favourite less worthwhile, considering the potential loss, making a smaller bet on an underdog more palatable.

This approach can also be used when wagering on a playoff series, even on prop bets that involve predicting a certain aspect of the game, like whether a player will earn a double-double after the match is complete. Often, the best approach to take is simply having solid information about both teams, including trends like streaks or odd matchups that seem to randomly favour an underdog who happens to counter the strengths of the favourite well.

The modern iteration of the Golden State Warriors is throwing all rulebooks out the window as they continue their march over the record books. For the foreseeable future, it appears that the Dubs will be the main target for western conference foes seeking to prove that they’re able to hang with the big dawgs, resulting in the occasional massive upset.