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In addition to having trouble attracting free agent talent, the Utah Jazz had the misfortune of peaking during peak Jordan, facing him in 1997 and 1998 during the Bulls’ second three-peat. This ill will has followed them around throughout the history of the franchise, which began in 1974 in New Orleans. Utah Jazz betting lines reflect the status of the team, which is in the middle of cultivating its talent for their first run to the title in 20 years.

Utah Jazz Betting Lines Today

The next time that the Utah Jazz face their opponent is listed on this part of the page. In addition to the moneyline for the Jazz, we list the odds for the opponent so you have the info that you need to proceed with your wager.

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Utah Jazz Schedule And Games Result

You can chart the course of the Utah Jazz regular season through this information matrix, tracking how their lines have changed over time. We also provide home and road game breakdowns for you to browse through.

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Utah Jazz Standings Conference

If you’re not familiar with how the western or eastern conference standings have changed as of late, it’s a good idea to peek at the progression of the Jazz and their opponent before deciding how you’re going to bet.

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Betting On The Utah Jazz

Before the turn of the century, the Utah Jazz were steady as a metronome because of the steadying influence of Karl Malone, John Stockton and coach Jerry Sloan. Since those legendary figures exited the NBA, the team has made an attempt to rebuild and make a deep playoff run for the first time since the 2006 season. As a result, fans of wagering on the Utah Jazz have been waiting for the team to develop its youngsters into a cohesive squad to take advantage of their ascension.

One way to keep track of how the Jazz are faring in the eyes of wagering fans is to monitor how their moneylines progress. As they improve their level of play, the Jazz will be awarded odds that are listed as a negative number more often than a positive figure. These lines also let you know how much you need to stake in order to take home decent winnings. 

A -250 line shows the Jazz as the favourite, which will require that you put down $250 to win $100, while a +250 moneyline shows the Jazz as the underdog, requiring that you bet $100 to win $250 on this underdog wager. This also works for other types of wagers, including over/under and predicting the winner of an entire playoff series.

When betting on the Jazz or any other NBA team, it’s a good idea to monitor all the factors before making a wager, including streaks, injuries and statistical trends that pop up. Road records, conference records and other tendencies also change the complexion of the expected result, causing sportsbooks to alter the odds accordingly.