Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Lines

It didn’t take long for the Thunder to rise to the top ranks of the western conference after the team relocated from rainy Seattle to the heartland of the United States. They managed to quickly develop two superstars, which rapidly lead them all the way for a run deep into NBA finals. As a result, fans consider Oklahoma City Thunder betting lines to be among the most exciting to wager on in the league, mostly because of their explosive play.

Oklahoma City Thunder Betting Lines Today

Upcoming OKC Thunder games can be found listed here, along with an update on the latest moneylines that some sportsbooks place on the game. Of course, check with your sportsbook to ensure you’re getting the expected odds.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule And Games Result

As the season progresses, we update the results that the Thunder earn while organizing them into home and away categories that you can search through. We also list upcoming games and the moneylines associated with each match.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Standings Conference

Games that involve top teams are sometimes more predictable to wager on than lopsided matchups because the favoured team has already earned their playoff ranking in the standings. Regardless of the situation, taking a peek at the standings before betting is highly recommended.

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Betting On The Oklahoma City Thunder

Moneylines are the name of the game at trusted sportsbooks around the world, establishing the potential reward for players who are proficient at determining individual matchups. Games in which the Thunder are listed as an underdog have a negative line while a positive moneyline is associated with matchups that OKC will have more trouble coming out on top.

So when you see the Thunder as a -250 favourite, you’ll have to wager $250 to win $100, but as a +250 underdog, you’ll win $250 for wagering $100. This system of wagering rewards players who predict underdog wins while making it riskier to bet on a favourite that may or may not live up to their potential. Moneylines are also used when betting on the outcome of a playoff series after the regular season comes to a close.

Betting on any NBA team should be done by considering not only the win and loss column, but also by the conditions under which the team plays. For example, in back to back games, the Thunder are less likely to have the same endurance in the second game than they had in the first, making it a bit easier for a team that didn’t play the night before.

Often, for teams as good as the Oklahoma City Thunder, the most important thing to consider will be whether or not the lineup is healthy heading into any matchup. Since the team has multiple MVP-level stars, they can compensate for the loss of one when another steps up, but extended absences eventually cause a grind that causes even the most talented teams to bend.