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The Orlando Magic have had legendary big men such as Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard, but have never managed to translate that inside advantage into a championship form. In both of their trips to the finals, they were overwhelmed by generational talent such as Hakeem the Dream and Kobe Bryant. Fans still keep the faith, keeping a close eye on Orlando Magic betting lines in the process.

Orlando Magic Betting Lines Today

The next line for the Magic will show up here, giving you a chance to consider the odds presented by their next opponent. Of course, check directly with your favourite sportsbook before committing to a wager.

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Orlando Magic Schedule And Games Result

To get a better idea of how well the Magic have been playing, take a moment to look at their past results. Finding streaks and trends gives you a leg up when considering which team to bet on.

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Orlando Magic Standings Conference

The eastern conference standings give you a good indicator of how the Orlando Magic are playing compared to the next rival they face on the court. Take note of the momentum of each team prior to making a play.

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Betting On The Orlando Magic

Often, at the beginning of the NBA season, you’ll hear of a Vegas bookie putting out odds on which team will win the next championship, listing them as ratios like 5-1 odds. This means that you win $100 if you bet $20 on a 5-1 team. When betting in individual games through sportsbooks, you’ll likely find that you’ll be dealing with moneylines instead of ratio.

Moneylines give you the odds in terms of how much you need to wager to win a specific payout. As is always the case, the system is set up to rewards bettors who predict underdog wins instead of the favourite. When the Magic play under a line of +325, oddsmakers consider them the underdog, offering the player $325 for a $100 winning bet. If Orlando plays the favourite, the moneyline will be negative, such as -225, requiring that you put down a bet of $225 to win $100 for choosing the less risky option.

The NBA playoffs give fans a chance to also bet on the outcome of entire series, as well as predicting how many games the contest will last. For those who have a feel of the ebb and flow of basketball, over/under bets where you predict whether the points scored will be above or below a set number leads to additional wagering opportunities.

After their last big playoff run, the Magic got rid of their previous key players in favour of attempting a rebuild. Now that they’ve drafted several talented stars in the making, they look to get back to the excitement of 2009 and 1995. On the way, they’ll need to take out teams that have established themselves as favoruites, giving smart wagering fans a chance to rake in profit off upsets.