NBA Southeast Division Betting Lines

The southeast division of the NBA experienced a boost when Dwayne Wade lead the Miami Heat to win the first of three titles between 2006 and 2013, with the last two earned alongside LeBron James as part of the big three. Now that James returned home to Cleveland, the division features tighter competition between teams, leading to NBA southeast division betting lines that are more amenable to players attempting to find good value when placing a wager over a sportsbook.

NBA Southeast Betting Lines Today

For all the southeast division betting lines today, we list the matchups as well as the moneylines that you may find on your favourite sportsbooks. Odds sometimes fluctuate with little notice due to external circumstances, so always double check before betting.

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NBA Southeast Standings

The NBA standings give you a good idea of how a team has been progressing throughout the regular season. We give you updates on the latest in the southeast division standings, letting you compare against the results of the rest of the NBA.


As is the case with most divisions, the southeast rises and falls in cycles, although teams such as the Heat and the Hawks appear to be earning status as teams that will exhibit a high level of quality for the foreseeable future because of influencers such as Pat Riley and Mike Budenholzer, the latter of whom apprenticed under Pop with the Spurs before signing on with the Hawks. Nonetheless, now that Charlotte has stabilized their ownership situation with help from Michael Jordan, it appears that they may return to contention sooner rather than later.

Regardless of the quality of an NBA team, there are certain inescapable trends that pop up on an annual basis. For example, a study of all the games that took place between 1998 and 2008 showed that more than 60 percent of NBA regular season games were won by the home team. The playoffs, which automatically seed underdogs with favourites as much as possible, experiences this trend in a more extreme fashion, as nearly 65 percent of all home teams won their playoff games during these three decades.

Keeping track of rivalries, injuries, roster changes, hot and cold streaks also helps to give you a leg up when trying to select the outcome of the game.

Moneylines are the standard when it comes to sportsbooks setting odds on how a game will turn out. If the oddsmakers believe that a team is more likely to lose they will assign a positive moneyline to the underdog and a negative line for the favourite. For a match where the Miami Heat are favoured at -225 against the Charlotte Hornets who are listed at +300, you’ll need to bet $225 on Miami to win $100. For Charlotte, you only need to bet $100 to win $300, reflecting the fact that there’s more a risk betting on the underdog. As always, the greater the risk a bet represents, the bigger the prize you win.