Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Lines

The Cleveland Cavaliers are another one of the hard luck franchises in the second biggest city in Ohio, joining the Browns and the Indians in long streaks of championship futility. However, the second coming of LeBron James has instantly put the city on the precipice of glory. NBA fans wagering on Cleveland Cavaliers betting lines look for advantageous odds and follow the latest tweets from King James when playing on their favourite sportsbooks.

Cleveland Cavaliers Betting Lines Today

The following information about the next chance to bet on the Cavs gives you a good idea of the odds you can expect. Check the news before making a wager in case either team will be missing a key part of their lineup.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Schedule And Games Result

Spotting trends and streaks when placing a wager on the Cavaliers may give you insight on match ups that give you better odds than expected. Here are some past results and their upcoming schedule. 

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Cleveland Cavaliers Standings Conference

We provide you with updates on the division and conference standings, which lets you quickly check the quality of the Cavs opponents. Depending on the standings, some teams may have extra motivation to win, while others prefer to tank for a better draft lottery position.

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Betting On The Cleveland Cavaliers

For the most part, when betting on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the rest of the NBA, you’ll be placing a wager on the outcome of an individual game. In the playoffs, you can also bet on which team will win the series, and the number of games it will take for the team to win. For elite teams like the Cavs, people also wager on whether or not they will win the Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of the year.

Understanding the risks and rewards of your bet revolves around the moneyline offered by the sportsbook. If you see a negative number beside a team, that means that they are the favourite. Positive numbers express that the team is an underdog. If you wager on the Cavs and the moneyline odds are listed as +225, it means you need to bet $100 on the Cavaliers to win $225. If they’re listed as a favourite at -225, you’ll have to stake $225 to win $100, reflecting the reduced risk of betting on favourites.

Some sportsbooks offer truly creative proposition bets, like the first team to commit a technical foul or the first to miss a free throw. These prop bets add a bit of spice to the more orthodox types of wagering players usually enjoy.

There’s no doubt about LeBron’s desire to turn his homecoming into a championship narrative for the Cavaliers. However, bettors wagering on the Cavs would be wise to note the state of his surrounding cast, which will make or break the success of King James’ return to Cleveland.