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The Chicago Bulls are one of the legendary teams of the NBA, cementing their place in the history of the association during Jordan’s pair of three-peats during the 1990s. His excellence helped to make the Bulls one of the most famous teams in the league while expanding the influence of the NBA worldwide. As a result, fans from around the world enjoy wagering on Chicago Bulls betting lines.

Chicago Bulls Betting Lines Today

Details for the upcoming game for the Chicago Bulls are listed here, including their odds against their next opponent. Double check the news before wagering with your favourite sportsbook to make sure the odds you get make sense.

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Chicago Bulls Schedule And Games Result

Trends, winning streaks and home and away records all factor into the odds that you get on sportsbooks. You can study the Chicago Bulls results and schedule for yourself for insight into your next wager.

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Chicago Bulls Standings Conference

Even the biggest underdog can pull off an upset when playing a team that has little motivation to win. Check out the standings to see if the Bulls are playing against a team that’s tanking for a high draft pick.

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Betting On The Chicago Bulls

There are a multitude of ways to wager on the National Basketball Association, although the most frequent type of betting usually involves simply predicting the winner of a single match. Sometimes, certain wagering outlets will have a special promotion that involves picking the winner of multiple games for increased odds, similar to betting on a string of races at a race track with multiplier odds.

The type of wagering available on nearly all types of sportsbook site is the moneyline variety that lists the specific risk and reward ratio for the bet that you’re making. If the Chicago Bulls are a favourite, you’ll see a negative moneyline, but if they’re the underdog, you’ll find a positive moneyline. For example, if the Bulls are listed at +350, you can win $350 by betting $100 on the upset. On the other hand, for a moneyline of -350, you’ll need to wager $350 to win $100, showing that the team is a heavy underdog.

Of course, when the playoffs roll around, the competition heats up along with wagering activity. In addition to picking single game winners, you’ll be able to find bets on sportsbooks for predicting the outcome of the series as a whole. Depending on the site with which you play, you might be able to find prop bets like over/under wagers.

The Bulls franchise will likely never witness another phenomenon like Jordan, who is still widely considered as the best competitor in NBA history. Nonetheless, they’ve managed to retool their lineup to rise again in the eastern conference, despite the constant flood of injuries experienced by the team. In fact, due to these injuries and the sheer amount of talent on the squad, they’re often considered to be dark horse candidates to compete against the best in the east.