New York Knicks Betting Lines

Long suffering fans of the New York Knicks have been waiting for a championship since the 1970s, since Willis Reed willed them to wins during the 1970 and 1973 seasons. They had the terrible fortune in reaching their next peak during the 1990s, when the league had to deal with Michael Jordan and the Bulls, as well as Hakeem’s Houston Rockets. As the team enters another rebuilds phase, fans look for upset opportunities when checking out New York Knicks betting odds.

New York Knicks Betting Lines Today

The next Knicks game is listed here, including their opponents and the type of betting line that you can expect for the next game. Confirm your odds with your favourite books before placing a bet.

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New York Knicks Schedule And Games Result

Here’s the upcoming schedule for the Knicks, giving you an idea of what they face over the season. We also provide you with past results that you can compare, including road and home performances.

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New York Knicks Standings Conference

As the NBA regular season progresses, it becomes obvious that some teams are simply unable to compete. We give you updated division and conference standings so you can get insight on where the Knicks and their opponents stand.

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Betting On The New York Knicks

Throughout most of the past few years, especially since the Bargnani trade with the Toronto Raptors, fans of the New York Knicks may notice that there’s usually a positive moneyline offered for individual games. This denotes that the Knicks are the underdog for many of their games. Occasionally, you’ll see a negative moneyline for the Knicks, most often when they face a similarly weak team on home court, which translates into them being the favourites.

As well as giving players an idea of who’s more likely to win, these type of lines also give players a solid view of how much they need to risk to profit off a winning bet. If the line is listed at +225, those who predict an upset will get paid $225 for betting $100 on this unlikely event. A moneyline of -225 means that you’ll need to risk much more for much less, betting $225 to win $100 on the favourite.

Although the playoffs haven’t been a frequent destination for the Knicks as of late, when they do reach the postseason, you can also bet on whether or not New York will win the series. Sportsbooks also accept wagers on who will win the championship at the end of the year, as well as prop bets. A common example of a prop bet would be an over/under, which involves predicting the score for both teams combined during a game.

As the Knicks continue to stabilize their front office during their most recent reload, they’ve been fortunate to draft prospects that could very well turn into the next megastar. However, until the team fills in the rest of the talent, the lack of consistency will make betting on the Knicks a dicey proposition.