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The Dodgers started out in Brooklyn in 1884, eventually moving to Los Angeles in 1958. During the history of the franchise, they managed to win six World Series titles, with the last one taking place in 1988 when Kirk Gibson launched the most famous one-legged homer in MLB history. Lately. The Dodgers have been stacked with incredible pitching talent, which means that the ballclub has a good chance to win regardless of Los Angeles Dodgers betting lines offered by Canadian online sportsbooks.

Los Angeles Dodgers Betting Lines Today

The next ballgame for the Dodgers will be found in this section throughout the regular season, giving you their next opponent along with the moneylines you can expect to get.

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Los Angeles Dodgers Schedule And Games Result

After every game completes, this schedule for the Los Angles Dodgers will be updated with the final score. We also list the lines that each team had before the game so you can see the last time the Dodgers pulled off the upset.

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Los Angeles Dodgers Standings Conference

The Dodgers fight against their most hated rival, the San Francisco Giants, throughout the 162 game regular season. This section will show you their location within the National League West standings. You can also compare their record with the rest of the National and American League.

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How To Bet On The Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been blessed with incredible pitching over the past while, making them among the most consistent contenders from the National League west division. In fact, since 2004, they’ve made the post season seven times, including six division titles.

However, despite this run, they haven’t played in the Fall Classic since 1988. Because of this trend, the moneylines that you’ll get for the Dodgers during the regular season are likely to differ greatly from the lines that you’ll get for the postseason, especially if you bet on whether or not the Dodgers will win the World Series before the season starts.

Moneylines are fairly simple to work with, giving you a quick rundown on what you can expect from the matchup. Teams with positive lines are the underdogs while teams with negative lines are the favourites. When the -225 Los Angeles Dodgers face off against the Rockies, you need to wager $225 to win $100 on your bet. In the case where the Dodgers are listed at +225 against the Rockies, you’ll need to bet only $100 to win $225, granting you a greater reward.

There are plenty of different factors to consider before wagering on the Dodgers or other MLB teams, including rivalries. In the National League West, the San Francisco Giants tend to be the most hated rivals of the Dodgers, resulting in a hotly contested matchup whenever the two teams meet, which is often. Keeping an eye out for this and other types of trends leads you to wagering profit. Performing due diligence, checking on starting pitchers, lineup changes and streaks, is the best way to gamble responsibly.