NL West Betting Lines

When it comes to the National League West, the team that tends to win the crown most often are the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have earned six division titles since the year 2000, including three consecutive between 2013 and 2015. However, NL West betting lines are not as black or white as they may seem, as the Dodgers haven’t won the World Series since 1988, suggesting the inability to carry their stellar regular season play into postseason results.

NL West Betting Lines Today

The NL west betting lines today include all the games that teams in this division will play, including matchups with interleague rivals. Check out the moneylines listed here before placing a wager on any of these ballgames.

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NL West Standings

NL west standings have featured the Giants and the Dodgers at the top more often than not, although the Diamondbacks and the Padres have managed to field competitive squads over the past while. We update the standings so you can obtain more information about the best team to bet on, regardless of the division.


If you decide to bet on the team that’s most likely to win the World Series, you should think about the fact that the Giants have won three titles since 2010, each spaced out two years apart. Considering that they have managed to achieve Fall Classic success despite the lack of the same regular season results suggests that the Dodgers still have to overcome the perception that they’re not able to rise to victory when it matters the most. Teams that haven’t sniffed success throughout their entire history, such as the Colorado Rockies, tend to be disregarded for this type of bet.

However, when betting on single regular season game or series, it’s never a good idea to disregard either opponent. Anything can happen in a one-off competition, such as a player or a pitcher having a career night. When you bet on a series, the consistency of a team comes into play, which makes it a bit easier to predict results, as it’s fairly unlikely to sustain a sudden burst of historic productivity over the span of multiple games.

Sportsbooks respond to these constantly shifting betting scenarios by offering moneylines that change along with how likely oddsmakers and wagering fans consider a team to win. When you see the San Francisco Giants listed as a -400 favourite to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers with a +400 line, you can be sure that the matchup is considered to be lopsided because you can quadruple your money by betting on the Dodgers. On the other hand, if you wager on the Giants, the reward that you receive is a quarter of the bet that you place.

Managing this reward system and identifying opportunities for betting on solid underdogs helps to make the most of your wagering dollar, whether you’re betting on the NL West or any other division of the prestigious Major League Baseball.