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The Washington Nationals were granted a franchise when Major League Baseball decided to move the Montreal Expos, the seeds of which were planted in 1994 when the strike ruined the best start to the season the Expos ever had. After the move, the Nationals finally won a couple of National League west titles in 2012 and 2014, causing the team to be favoured more often when sportsbooks published their Washington Nationals betting lines.

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Odds for the Washington Nationals and their opponents can be found right here, letting you know how reputable sportsbooks feel about the matchup. We also update the score during and after the game so you can check the progress of your wager.

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The 162 game regular season of MLB allows wagering aficionados to compare past results with the odds given before the game. You can check out the entire regular season with this widget, allowing you to also prepare for upcoming opportunities in the schedule.

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Washington Nationals Standings Conference

During the race to the postseason, it pays to keep track of how the Nationals are doing within the competitive National League east division. This widget lets you break down the standings for the National League and American League, along with each division.


How To Bet On The Washington Nationals

Betting on the results of an individual match tends to be the most popular game for people placing bets through sportsbooks. These online wagering services create lines depending on various factors considered influential to the outcome. As such, if the Washington Nationals are listed at -175 while the Philadelphia Phillies are listed as a +225 moneyline, you’ll know sportsbooks believe that the Nationals are more likely to win.

Since there’s a reduction of risk involved in betting on favourites, you’ll have to wager $175 to win $100 on the Nationals in this scenario. You’ll win $225 for betting $100 on the Phillies, which rewards the greater risk of betting on the underdog. Entire betting systems are based on finding ways to predict underdog wins, such as the low scoring underdog winners betting system.

For this system to work, you’re supposed to bet on an underdog team if they won their last game by three runs of less, despite being underdogs for that low-scoring matchup. Essentially, after going through the stats, some experts believe that sportsbooks give slightly better odds than normal for underdogs in this scenario, leading to greater profit over the course of an entire regular season.

These types of systems should never be considered a sure bet. Any number of factors, from injuries to the beginning of a sudden slump, can make this trend unusable, which will end up simply costing you money for making a bad bet.

Instead, you should perform due diligence before each ballgame, making sure that you consider all the factors that may change the dynamic of the matchup prior to the first pitch.