NL East Betting Lines

The National League East has been one of the stronger divisions in the MLB, with powerhouses such as the Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals and New York Mets fighting to make their presence known in the postseason. After being dominated by the Braves for a lengthy period of time, the NL east betting lines have changed drastically, with the Phillies, Nats and Mets rising to earn spots in the playoffs over Atlanta.

NL East Betting Lines Today

Whenever a team from the division has an upcoming game, the NL East betting lines today widget will give you the info you need in terms of which teams are facing off, and the odds that sportsbooks have been publishing prior to the ballgame.

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NL East Standings

The NL east standings have featured close races over the past couple of years, resulting in the type of exciting regular season play which MLB fans love to bet on. Compare the NL east with the rest of the league when checking out the race for the wild card.


The Atlanta Braves have won the most division titles in the National League east, earning 11 consecutive divisional crowns from 1995 to 2005. Since then, they’ve earned three post season births, two through wildcard entries. When teams such as the Braves dominate for such a long period of time, it forces division rivals to step up to even have a chance to compete in the playoffs, lifting the competitive profile of the entire division.

Keeping track of these trends is an important part of wagering on NL east teams. As teams start to play better or decline in quality, the moneylines that sportsbooks give you for each game will change according to many different factors, including the betting pool, the starting pitcher, injuries, streaks and quirks that are specific to certain matchups. For example, if a team with a poor record happens to matchup well against a team that’s among the league leaders, the team with the lesser rank in the standings might actually be considered the favourite.

You’ll know which team is considered the underdog when you look at the moneylines published by sportsbooks. The team with a positive moneyline, such as +400, will be considered much less likely to win, so you need to bet only $100 to win $400, quadrupling your initial investment. A team with a negative moneyline like -300 will be considered a favourite to win, which means that you need to bet $300 to get a return of $100 on your winning wager. Accurately weighing the risks and the rewards of these scenarios will maximize your profit.

Most of the betting that happens on sportsbook revolves around predicting the outcome of a ball game or a series, usually during the regular season and the postseason. If you’re really up to date on the latest stats in the MLB, you can also try out prop wagers and over/unders.