Milwaukee Brewers Betting Lines

The Brew Crew hasn’t won a World Series ring despite toiling in the MLB since 1970. In fact, they’ve been able to make the Fall Classic only once, during their 1982 run while they were still a member of the American League. Fans of the MLB are well aware of the losing history of Los Cerveceros, making Milwaukee betting lines trend towards that of an underdog on a regular basis. Before you place a bet on the Brewers, make sure that you’re fully aware of how to read the moneylines that sportsbooks publish before the game. [+]

When you see a positive number listed beside a team, they’re going to be considered the underdogs. In the event that the Brew Crew are considered a favourite, sportsbooks will bless them with a negative number for the odds given.

Milwaukee Brewers Betting Lines Today

Whenever you’re betting for or against the Milwaukee Brewers, you can find the line for their next ballgame right here. The numbers for both teams are given so you can make an informed decision when making your wager.

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Milwaukee Brewers Schedule And Games Result

The schedule of the Milwaukee Brewers will be updated throughout the lengthy campaign, giving you the lines and the scores of all 162 games as they happen. Search through previous games to see the last time the Brew Crew overcame the odds.

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Milwaukee Brewers Standings Conference

Similar to the American League East, the National League Central has been an incredibly difficult division to do well in because of the fact that teams like the Cardinals have fielded quality squads for more than a decade. Monitor the progress of the MLB season standings to see who has the inside line on making the postseason.

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How To Bet On The Milwaukee Brewers

Essentially, the negative number expresses the fact that you have to bet more to win less on favourites and vice versa for underdogs. When the Brewers face off against the St. Louis Cardinals and they have a moneyline of +325, you’ll win $325 for betting $100 on the upset.

If Milwaukee has a line of -325 for the Cardinals, you’ll need to put down $325 to win $100, which is a direct result of the fact that there’s less risk of losing your wager on a team that’s the favourite. These types of lines are used throughout the regular season and the playoffs, offered for individual games and series.

Depending on the wagering service that you’re signed up with, you may find unique prop bets like predicting whether a team will accumulate more than or less than 10 hits in a single game.

Some players use betting systems like the “bad luck pitcher” system to help determine the worthiness of their bet. For this system to work, you should seek pitchers who lose despite giving up one run or next, betting on the next three games in increasing increments until he overcomes his bad luck and wins, leading to a greater likelihood of profit.