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As the oldest league in the MLB, the National League was established on February 2nd, 1876, well before the founding of the American League. Despite the fact that the NL has an excellent collection of teams, the American League has managed to win the majority of World Series titles, lead by the New York Yankees. In the NL, the St. Louis Cardinals have the most championships, making them the traditional top dog when it comes to National League betting lines.

NL Central Betting Lines Today

All the teams from the National League involved in MLB games will be listed in this section. National League betting lines today include interleague play with the American League as well.

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NL Central Standings

The National League standings have been dominated by traditional NL powerhouses like the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals for quite a while. Check to see how challengers are fairing throughout the regular season.


The National League has slightly different rules than the American League, with the main difference being the existence of the designated hitter rule. Unlike the AL, the National League still makes its pitchers take at-bats, which drastically changes the stats involved in betting on National League squads. Put simply, since the majority of pitchers are terrible hitters, run production and earned run averages are suppressed, altering the expected outcomes.

Prop bets and over/unders involving the number of runs given up in the game are affected the most by the DH rule. When National League teams visit American League clubs for interleague play, the offensive output of NL teams is likely to rise, further complicating the determination of which team will win. All in all, since the majority of NL wagering involves single games within the league, the DH rule will be a factor for a limited number of games per year.

The odds that you get for these games will arrive in the form of moneylines. When the Los Angeles Dodgers are listed at -225 before they face the Pittsburgh Pirates with a line of +275, you’ll be able to tell right away that the Pirates are the underdog because of the plus sign beside their number. This means that you have to bet $100 on the Pirates to win $275, while investing a $225 bet on the Dodgers will net you only $100 in profit. These types of moneylines are also used when betting on postseason games and series, including bets where you attempt to predict the number of games it will take for a team to close out the series.

Regardless of the team or the situation that you’re betting on, smart wagering always involves performing research before you put your money down. Checking out factors like hot streaks, rivalries and teams pushing to make the postseason gives you insight in terms of which team is the better ballclub to bet on.