Houston Astros Betting Lines

Since the turn of the century, the Houston Astros have gone through quite a bit of change, including the end of the famous Astrodome as their home field, and a switch from the National League to the American League west division. Since switching to the AL west in 2013, the Astros have managed to build a powerful team, swinging Houston Astros betting lines to favour the team as a potential contender for the Fall Classic.

Houston Astros Betting Lines Today

You’ll find the moneylines for the Houston Astros and their opponents published here before each game. We also update the progress of the ballgame, including the end result, letting you keep track of your wager.

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Houston Astros Schedule And Games Result

As the season moves from spring into summer, you’ll have a growing base of regular season results to look over before you make a wager. In addition to past scores, we list lines that were offered as well, letting you know if the underdog won or not.

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Houston Astros Standings Conference

Keeping tabs on whether or not a team is fighting for a post season birth will give you an idea of how competitive the Astros and their opponents will be. Check out the standings to monitor the progress of both American League and National League teams.

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How To Bet On The Houston Astros

One of the most popular bets before the regular season starts tends to be wagering on whether or not a team will win the World Series at the end of the year. However, when the regular season gets going, baseball fans turn to prognosticating the results of individual games. When betting on the potential World Series winner, you’ll likely receive ratio odds such as 10-1. However, when betting on a single game, you’ll be likely using moneylines to determine your play.

If the Houston Astros are listed at -250 against the Seattle Mariners with a line of +200, you can be sure that sportsbooks consider the Astros the favourite. As such, you’ll need to bet $250 to win $100 on your wager. If you bet on the Mariners, you’ll receive a bigger payout. In fact, to win $200, you need to bet $100 on the underdog team.

You can also bet on the outcome of series, as well as single postseason games and series. When the Astros make the playoffs, you’ll notice that the moneylines will stabilize somewhat as the number of surprises in the post season are fewer than the grueling 162 game season.

During the regular season, lines will fluctuate greatly according to the starting pitching matchup expected before the game. True, the quality of hitting and relief pitching are important to the outcome, but the greatest change in the day-to-day lineup are the starters. As such, you should always monitor trends among starting pitchers with the Houston Astros before placing a wager on a game or a series.