AL West Betting Lines

The American League West Division realigned to accept the Houston Astros from the National League Central division in 2013. This helped balance all three divisions with five teams, resulting in 15 teams per conference. Adding the Astros to this division has made it more difficult for the other teams, making AL West betting lines more competitive. Look for Houston to challenge Texas as the powerhouse of the division in the near future. The dominant team throughout the AL West history remains the Oakland Athletics. [+]

They have taken home 16 division titles and won the most number of World Series in the division with a total of nine. However, the Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels and the newcomer Houston Astros all have jumped into contention over the past few years, forcing the A’s to reload their roster for another run.

AL West Betting Lines Today

When you’re looking for the AL West betting lines today, look no further than this handy widget, which lists all the matches that teams in the division are playing. We list the moneylines for all the teams involved so you can choose the best play.

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AL West Standings

The AL West standings are determined over 162 grueling regular season games, and we keep you updated throughout the march to the postseason. You can also see the standings for the rest of the MLB as well.


For the most part, the action that takes place on sportsbooks websites involves wagering on outcomes of single game, with the odds represented by a moneyline.

When you check out the ballgames listed above, you’ll notice that the teams have a positive number or a negative number listed beside them. When the Houston Astros have a line of -225, you’ll know that they’re the favourite because you have to bet $225 to win $100, representing the fact that your wager is less likely to lose. If their opponent is the Seattle Mariners listed at +275, you’ll need to wager only $100 to get a reward of $275 because you’re risking more by betting on the team that’s less likely to win.

Of course, different sportsbooks will also have different types of wager that you can enjoy, especially during the postseason when the competition heats up. You can wager on the outcome of the series, how many games it will last, and specific statistics like the number of triples – if any – that will be given up throughout the matchup.

Since the regular season has 162 games, there are plenty of chances to scout great wagering value when betting on the MLB. Even the best pitching aces have an off day, and if it happens against a team that has a record that’s much lower in the standings, you can be sure that those who bet on the underdog in that circumstance will enjoy a decent payout.