New York Yankees Betting Lines

The New York Yankees are the most successful team in the history of Major League Baseball, winning 27 World Series and appearing in the Fall Classic forty times. They’re also the destination for an incredible lineup of the greatest to have ever played the game, from Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig to Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. New York Yankees betting lines have been a popular play for well over a century.

New York Yankees Betting Lines Today

The lineup of ballgames that you can bet on today is listed here, letting you know which team is playing at their home ballpark. This widget also gives you updates on the moneyline for the match, giving you an idea which team is favoured to win.

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New York Yankees Schedule And Games Result

Before betting on the Yankees, you can see how they fared against their opponent the last time they played them, as well as the odds that were given. Upcoming games are also listed to help you check out potential opportunities for great odds.

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New York Yankees Standings Conference

Throughout the regular season, we update the standings on this page as each game is completed. This way, before you place a wager on the Yankees or their opponents, you can check how well either team is performing during the 162 game campaign.

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How To Bet On The New York Yankees

With the brief exception of a period during the eighties in which the New York Yankees were unable to dominate as they did during the previous six decades, this team usually finds themselves in the hunt for the postseason regardless of the quality of the American League. As the richest team in baseball, they’re able to sign the biggest free agent contracts and invest in advanced scouting networks that have unearthed hall of fame level prospects like Mariano Rivera. When wagering on the New York Yankees, it’s foolish to count them out of any ballgame or series.

For the most part, fans of wagering on the MLB tend to bet on moneylines that are presented by sportsbooks. These consist of one team, the underdog, assigned a positive number and the favourite team assigned negative value. If the Yankees are listed at -175 against the Blue Jays with a line of +225, you’ll need to bet $175 to win $100 on the Yankees and wager only $100 to win $225 on the Jays.

Since baseball is a statistician’s dream sport, there have been numerous attempts at creating betting systems that work over the season, such as the high scoring favourites betting system, in which you bet against any favourite who scored six or more runs in the previous game. While the numbers may appear to work out, in the end of the day, baseball is one of the less predictable sports, so you should always consider all variables when placing a wager instead of betting blindly through wagering systems.