AL East Betting Lines

The American League East is home to the most successful franchise in the history of the MLB: the New York Yankees. As a result, AL East betting lines tend to favour this division more often than not, especially when the rest of the division fields high-quality teams. In addition to having the most World Series of any division, the AL East also tends to occupy the wildcard spot at the end of the regular season.

AL East Betting Lines Today

AL East betting lines today will be updated here throughout the season, providing you with the matchups of all divisional teams. Part of these listings include moneylines so you can figure out the best way to wager on today’s schedule.

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AL East Standings

The AL East standings usually feature the Yankees near the top, although when the potential for a wildcard entry became a reality, the regular season march to the postseason transformed into an exciting race for fans and betting enthusiasts alike.


One of the longer running rivalries in Major League Baseball is between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The latter of which managed to overcame the “Curse of the Bambino” in the most dramatic way possible, coming back down from three nothing to become the first team to win a series when behind by that deficit. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles have also sparked some competitive heat during a recent division rivalry rotating around Blue Jay sluggers and Oriole relievers.

When wagering on the AL East, it’s worth your while to consider these rivalries, as certain players tend to play better when there’s pride at stake. Looking for these types of scenarios helps you uncover occasions when sportsbooks end up offering decent odds for a matchup that isn’t as cut and dry at it may seem.

Spotting these betting opportunities is crucial for MLB wagering fans due to the fact that moneylines reward players more for betting on the underdogs. For example, if the Red Sox were up against the Blue Jays and they had a moneyline of +325, it means that they’re the underdog and you’ll win $325 for betting $100. If there were a favourite at -325 instead, you’d have to put down $325 to win $100. These odds are used for one-off bets as well as series wagers and pro bets.

Usually, the moneyline odds are dominated by the quality of the starting pitcher on the mound. More than any other player in the ballpark, the starter will dictate the pace and the outcome of the match depending on their ability to provide a quality start. Having an ace in his prime, such as David Price, nearly guarantees that the team you bet on will have a chance to take the ballgame. Backed up by competent hitting and solid relief work, a team with a great started is difficult to bet against.