Minnesota Twins Betting Lines

The Twins are one of the oldest franchises in the MLB, originating out of Washington in 1901. Since they moved to Minnesota in 1961, the Twins have managed to win two World Series titles, the last one in 1991 while they were still in the Metrodome. Minnesota Twins betting lines have reflected the fact that they haven’t been able to match their success in the first decade of the century, when they won six Central Division titles.

Minnesota Twins Betting Lines Today

We provide you with the Minnesota Twins betting lines for today, which include the moneyline for both the Twins and their opponent. The sportsbook that you’re signed up with should have similar, if not the same odds.

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Minnesota Twins Schedule And Games Result

Research the past results for the Minnesota Twins in this section, which also lists the future matchups that they will play in. As you can see, the moneylines for the past matchups are also included for you to scrutinize.

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$Team Standings Conference

The MLB standings reflect the quality of the team playing against the Minnesota Twins. Both American League and National League divisions are published here, letting you keep track of the NL before you bet on interleague play.

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How To Bet On The Minnesota Twins

Reading the moneylines is fairly simple once you get a hang of it, providing you with the payout that you can expect if you wager on the correct ballclub. A line where the Minnesota Twins are the favourites will show a negative number, while a positive number will indicate that they’re the underdog in the matchup. If the Twins have a moneyline of -200 against the Detroit Tigers listed at +225, you’ll need to bet $200 to win $100 on your wager. Since the Tigers are underdogs, you win more for risking your money on them, taking home $225 for a winning $100 bet.

Moneylines are used for wagering on individual regular season and postseason games, the outcome of an entire series, over/under lines and other oppositional betting opportunities. At the beginning of the year, depending on the sportsbook that you’re signed up with, you might be able to wager on the team that you think will take home the World Series at the end of the year.

Seasoned MLB wagering enthusiasts always take a look at deciding factors that could swing the odds in their favour. Monitoring streaks, trends, starting pitcher matchups and other vital stats help bettors make the most informed decision possible when placing their wager.

Although there’s no such thing as a sure bet, some players consider automatic wagering systems such as the “high scoring favourites betting system” when playing the odds for the Minnesota Twins and other MLB matchups. For this particular system, players look for teams that are favoured to win the day after they beat another team by six runs or more. Essentially, statisticians notice that these teams tend to win more often that the moneylines suggest, leading to a slight advantage for those who consistently wager on this scenario.