Cleveland Indians Betting Lines

As one of the original eight American League teams, the Cleveland Indians joined the league in 1901 as the Cleveland Blues before changing their name to the Indians in the 1914 season. Similar to other Cleveland sports franchises, the Indians are in the middle of a lengthy championship drought, with the last time they made the Fall Classic taking place in 1997. Due to their history of frustration, Cleveland Indians betting lines are typically that of the underdog during the postseason, even when they field a quality squad.

Cleveland Indians Betting Lines Today

The next game that you can bet on for the Cleveland Indians is posted here, along with their opponent and the moneylines for both of the teams. Confirm that you get similar odds when placing a wager through your favourite sportsbook.

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Sunday 30 April
Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Indians


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Cleveland Indians Schedule And Games Result

Before betting on the Cleveland Indians, make sure you check out the last time that they played their opponent. The entire season schedule is listed here, along with moneylines from past results.

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Cleveland Indians Standings Conference

Keep track of changes in the standings throughout the season to give yourself some context of how the Indians have been performing. You can also check out other divisions, as well as National League teams, before deciding which squad to pick.

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How To Bet On The Cleveland Indians

Certain sports franchises experience streaks of bad luck that last long enough to be called a curse. Some teams, like the Cubs, have extreme difficulty overcoming the trend while other teams, like the Boston Red Sox, managed to break free through an incredible post season performance. When it comes to betting on Cleveland sports teams, including the Indians, fans of the MLB and other North American pro sports usually keep the city’s overall level of futility in mind.

This is especially important when betting on who will win the World Series at the beginning of the year. When wagering on individual games, focusing on pitching matchups and winning streaks are more important. The moneylines that you see for the Indians will mostly ignore long term trends, as recent events will have more of an influence on the outcome.

When the Indians are an underdog, you’ll notice a positive number as their line, such as +325, which means you’ll win $325 for betting $100 on them. As a favourite, they’ll feature a negative line, like -200, which means you need to bet $200 to win $100. In addition to the odds of winning, moneylines give you a good read on the risk/reward ratio for your wager.

Online sportsbooks may offer a bunch of different betting options for the Cleveland Indians, including betting on the spread, over/under, series betting and prop bets like the number of runs that the Indians will give up in a series or a game. Regardless of the action that you seek, staying informed of the latest updates in the Indians roster and the quality of their opponents helps make the most out of your wager.