AL Central Betting Lines

The American League Central division was created in 1994, when the league realigned teams from the Midwest of the United States into the same competitive group. As of late, the Kansas City Royals, with their incredible pitching staff, team speed and defense, have dominated AL central betting lines as winners of the 2015 World Series. The Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians look to win back the mantle of division champ Royals sooner than later.

AL Central Betting Lines Today

Anytime a team is about to play a game in the MLB, AL Central betting lines today will be updated below. This way, you can see both the opposition and the moneylines for each team in this division.

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AL Central Standings

Before you place a wager on any team from the central, you should take a peek at the AL central standings. Compare divisional records with the position of other teams in the MLB to get a sense of what you’re dealing with.


Since this division has formed, opportunities to win the World Series have been sparse for members of the AL Central division. Other than the Royals, the Chicago White Sox are the other team that’s managed to taste success in the Fall Classic. The Tigers and Indians broke through to the World Series finals, but failed to take the last winning step into glory.

When betting on the team you believe will win the World Series, the type of odds you receive will be along the lines of those you receive for horse racing. For example, before the season starts, sportsbooks may deem that the Indians have a 30-1 chance of winning the ring, which would multiply your bet by thirty times should you be correct. 

The more popular type of wagering for fans of the MLB tends to be betting on single ballgames throughout the season, using moneylines that sportsbooks publish to express the odds of winning and the prize that the player can expect for correctly choosing the winner. If the Kansas City Royals have a moneyline of -425, it means that you need to risk $425 to win $100 because they’re the favourites. However, if the Cleveland Indians are the opposition, and they have a line of +425, as an underdog bet you’ll win $425 for risking $100 on the less likely outcome.