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The younger of the two leagues in the MLB is the American League, which was established in 1901. They joined with the National League in 1903, operating as separate entities under the rule of Major League Baseball. American League betting lines tend to feature slightly different stats that the National League, which typically has less scoring, altering the numbers on bets like over/unders and spread wagering. The fact that the designated hitter is allowed to hit for the pitcher makes a huge difference in run production.

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This widget gives you the listing of all the games in that include American League teams on today’s MLB lineup. Go over the moneylines to see which matchup offers the best value.

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American League Standings

We keep you updated on all the changes in the American League standings on this part of the site. When interleague play pops up, you can also compare these divisions with the National League standings as well.


Since the first World Series in 1903, the American League has done well against the National League, winning more than 55% of the Fall Classic matchups so far. The designated hitter rule hasn’t improved the rate at which the American League wins the World Series, as their winning percentage has actually dipped since the rule was implemented. 

Typically speaking, the American League East tends to be the powerhouse of this half of the MLB. Since the wild card postseason birth was implemented, more than 70% of wild card teams have been from the east, with the other divisions rarely making it through. This has to do with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox becoming two of the best teams in the MLB over the past few decades, along with the sudden resurgence of the Blue Jays and the Orioles in the league standings.

When considering the team to wager on from the American League, it’s important to know which starting pitcher is about to take the mound. Typically, the team with the best starter is much more likely to be considered a genuine favourite. However, other factors, such as a hot hitter or a team that happens to matchup well against another, should be considered before you make your bet.

The majority of the wagering that you’ll be doing on the American League will involve placing a wager on a single team using moneylines. For example, if the Houston Astros are up against the Toronto Blue Jays, one team will be listed as the favourite with a negative number while the other will be considered the underdog, receiving a positive number for their line. Should the sportsbook give Toronto a -325 line and the Astros a +325, you’ll have to wager $325 on Toronto if you want to win $100, while you’ll need to only wager $100 on the Astros to win $325. Moneylines are used for single games, series and many other types of bets.